Broadcast 737 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

23 Jun 2007 Professor Madhu Thangavelu
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Professor Madhu Thangavelu was our returning guest today for this Space Show program. We started our discussion with Dr. Thangavelu with a frank look at the need for a space vision, the VSE in particular, and many components of the need for a space vision. We talked about this across borders, different age groups and then we started discussing it among students and younger Americans. Madhu shared his perspective with us regarding both space oriented and non-space students he works with at USC. I brought up the Dittmar Associates Market Study from last year and the many conversations I have had with those from their late teens to their early 30's. We also discussed the language in the NASA appropriations bill to stop NASA from doing any work at this time on the manned Mars mission. Madhu explained the need to be very focused to get the job done. Listeners began asking Madhu lunar engineering questions and several followed. Madhu shared his vision with us for low orbiting transit lounges. This is a discussion you will want to hear. We also talked about his upcoming book with three other authors. His book, "The Moon: Resources, Future Development and Settlement (Springer Praxis Books / Space Exploration), will be out at the end of the summer. Madhu and some or all of his co-authors will return for a discussion once his book is available. You can check it out at and search for either the title or Professor Thangavelu's name. Other discussion topics included our universities as underutilized resources in creating alternative visions for space planners, HE3 and the development of fusion, economics and terrestrial energy comparisons with SSP and HE3, and the upcoming political changes in 2008 with their impact on space and the VSE. You can contact Dr. Thangavelu with your comments or questions at



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