Broadcast 741 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

23 Jul 2007 Bill Simon, Rand Simberg
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Rand Simberg and William Simon returned for this Space Show program devoted to Evoloterra, their ceremony that honors humankind leaving Earth and landing on a new planet, the Apollo 11 Moon landing. You can download the Evoloterra ceremony at To do so, click on the astronaut's faceplate. Rand and Bill began the discussion by talking about why its important to have this ceremony and remember the landing. The discussion continued and addressed elements of freedom and what freedom means for people in the traditional context of the word and freedom in the context of being free of Earth's gravity to go to a new world on a different celestial body. Bill and Rand talked about this accomplishment as a tribute to western culture and civilization and much time was spent discussing this in the context of how our world is evolving today with political correctness, moral equivalency on many issues, and multiculturalism. The ceremony also is a superb rendition of important scientific and biological history of our planet and mankind. If you have not yet read this ceremony, I urge you to do so as soon as possible. You will want to hear their very strong statements and comments on these important subjects. As this program evolved into a two hour show, we also began addressing the VSE, the problems with it and the fact that it does not help us to become space-faring. We talked about returning to the Moon in light of recent Space Show guests that have not been so supportive of the manned moon missions. You might be surprised with their comments. When asked the same question I have been asking other guests and listeners about why its in the national interest to go back to the Moon sooner than planned, well, listen to the program to hear how Bill and Rand answer the question. Rand put forth ideas and scenarios on how to use space to make us a space-faring society. He also talked about the private sector and its capability and drivers to go to the Moon before NASA gets back there. Listeners asked them about competition from the Chinese and Indians and while Bill and Rand hold different views on this issue, their discussion was powerful and informative. Don't miss it. If you have comments or questions for Bill and Rand, you can contact them through their website or you can send them to me at Rand's website and terrific blog, Transterrestrial Musings, is Bill's website is



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