Broadcast 525 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

23 Jul 2006 Jane Reifert
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Jane Reifert, President of Incredible Adventures, Inc, was the guest for this Space Show program which first aired on Monday, July 17, then again on Sunday, July 23. We began the interview with Jane giving us a brief history of Incredible Adventures and some of its offerings in air and space. From here, we went into further detail about the MIG flights to the edge of space and the space training and support adventures offered by this company. Ms. Reifert spoke at some length regarding space tourism and especially suborbital tourism from a business and marketing point of view. You will not want to miss her discussion. We also spoke about the other adventure programs that Incredible Adventures offers and I urge listeners to visit their website and check out these great adventure experiences. Visit for this information. Also, starting the week of July 24, Incredible Adventures will have on its website an important space tourism survey for website visitors to answer. And if you do participate in the survey, you get a chance to win one of their adventure experiences. Ms. Reifert talks about this survey in some detail, explaining why they are doing the survey, what some of the questions are, and how you will be able to view the results once they are known. Ms. Reifert goes into detail about the MIG flights to the edge of space and for speed, the training, the preparation for the flights, etc. She also talked about the zero g flights both in Russia and here and her own experience on the zero g flight. We also talked about the Russian safety protocols and standards for doing these flights. Not to be left out, Jane discussed the regulatory and safety environment here in the United States for space tourism. Jane Reifert can be reached at should you have additional comments or questions for her. Jane's IM address which she provided on the show is "secretagentjane." Their toll free number is 800-644-7382.



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