Broadcast 2652: Space Show Audition Program

23 Feb 2016 Dr. David Livingston
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Welcome to our first guest audition program for 2016. In the first segment of our 1 hour 27 minute program we had two callers proposing vastly different topics plus Tim called near the end of the segment to talk about space settlement.  The first caller was Patrick from Defense Daily.  He proposed programming focusing on the military and several related topics.  Patrick was very interesting and I will be following up his call with a Space Show invitation.

The second call was from Aario from Iran though now he lives in Germany but was visiting in the States.  He proposed being a guest to talk about repurposing NASA to focus on space infrastructure.  I was skeptical about this happening, suggested it might take an Act of Congress to change the National Space Policy to do that and referenced the efforts to repurpose NASA to focus on space settlement which I also don't think will happen.  I suggested Aario do his homework on his idea, load up with facts and other information and we would exchange notes on his idea when he was back in Germany.  We could discuss his being a guest to put forth his ideas despite my being skeptical that his idea would gain any traction at all.  However, first, I want to see some facts or analysis why he wants to repurpose NASA for building infrastructure other than it being his personal preference.  What do you think about his idea for repurposing NASA and being a guest on the show to discuss it in detail?  Post your thoughts on the blog.

Tim from Huntsville was our next caller. Tim had picked up on the space settlement comments with the previous caller and wanted to say that in his opinion, Congress did not care about it. He also commented on the college student space views that I mentioned with our previous caller re exploitation and fixing things up on Earth before going into space but also making sure we don't ruin space as we have done to Earth.  As I told Tim, I'm hoping this student will come on the show to express her views but we will see. 

In the second segment, Mike from Phoenix called and proposed being a guest on the show after Elon Musk announces his Mars plans at the IAC later this year.  He will be at the IAC for the announcement so I told him to take good notes and to come on and tell us about it. He also suggested Dr. Philip Lubin from UC Santa Barbara on directed energy propulsion from his presentation at the 2015 NIAC Fall Symposium. 

There were no other calls or emails for this show so I used the time to make a few announcements, go over the future Space Show schedule and to promote the remaining programs for this week, including Hotel Mars focusing on Apollo graffiti.  In addition, I let listeners know that I have only one autographed copy left of Dr. Dewar's book, "The Nuclear Rocket."  The book is out of print, the autographed copy is new and available for a $50 contribution to The Space Show.  If you are interested in this final copy, let me know as soon as possible as it won't be around much longer.

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