Broadcast 461 (Special Edition)

23 Feb 2006 Pete Sepp
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Pete Sepp from the National Taxpayers Union joined The Space Show for this program with a special no commercial break 60 minute interview. Mr. Sepp began the interview by stating his interest in space and the general position of the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) regard government spending and space policy. You will find most interesting his lead off comments about the ISS. The discussion then focused on the proposed merger of the launch vehicles and services of both Boeing and Lockheed into the United Launch Initiative. Mr. Sepp outlined what his organization sees as the problems with such a merger and how it can potentially interfere with competition and entrepreneurial or start-up efforts to enter the same market. We talked about the SpaceX lawsuit against the merger which was recently thrown out of court and Mr. Sepp brought us new information concerning the interest of other large companies that might also oppose the merger on grounds of its potential interference with their entering the field. Listeners asked Mr. Sepp a variety of questions about the launch merger, ITAR and commerce, the government space policy in general, the VSE, and lots more. This show provides a unique perspective for Space Show listeners to view important space development events, news and policies. Not only will you find it stimulating, but you will also find it informative and an important Space Show program. You can contact Mr. Sepp with your comments or questions at and you can visit the NTU website at Also, you are invited to check out his article on privatizing NASA at The NTU has a letter on their website regarding the proposed merger that you will also want to check out.



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