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Guest:  Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston;  Topics:  Space Show programming for 2019, fund raising & supporting The Space Show, The Boring Company, US deficit, rising interest rates, NASA budget, gravity waves, Pulsar Timing Array and more.

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Welcome to our two segment 1 hour 45 minute final Open Lines discussion program for 2018.  I started the program talking about The Space Show for 2018, some of the challenges, some issues that were on my mind and of course asking for support of TSS as we are in the final days of the annual fundraising campaign for the program.  One of topics I stressed hard was a request for listener feedback on what is liked about the program, what is disliked and how can the program be improved for 2019.  I stressed the need for listener feedback, something that you will hear me say is in short supply with The Space Show listeners.  I do hope you will take the time to either post your feedback thoughts on the blog or send them to me via email.  Even critical comments which are certainly welcome.  I'm striving to make the show better for next year and your feedback would go a long way to making successful improvements in the program.

Other issues I brought up had to do with fundraising and many using TSS to promote their books, ideas, and such but never giving back and supporting the program.  I had much to say about this as I have been struggling with trying to understand this situation for several years.  I asked for listener help in understanding why people who benefit from using TSS platform to sell books and promote their work hardly ever support the program in return.  If you can help me understand this, please do so. 

Kim of Moonwards was our first caller. She offered lots of feedback regarding Space Show programming and other matters.  She pointed out that there was too much weak programming in 2018 and I agreed with her, taking responsibility for much of it as for me, sometimes weaker guests are brought in because a date has not been filled and the deadline is upon us or because they provide entertainment or result in less work for me regarding the interview and even the work I do leading up to the interview.  We talked about tightening up programming standards for 2019.  I agreed with her on what she was saying.  I mentioned that I was considering eliminating the Monday program, something I mentioned last year but never acted on.  In terms of getting late, last minute guests to fill a date that has not been selected, I suggested I would play a quality golden oldie from the 3,400 show library rather than put on the air another weak guest or program.  Kim also suggested going off topic a bit more to include expansion themes such a futurism like topics.  Before Kim ended her call, she provided us with a quality update as to her progress with Moonwards.  Don't miss what she said about Moonwards and what I said about having seen some of her advanced work on the project as she is definitely pushing the technical and creative edge of what can be done with a virtual presence on the Moon.

In the second segment, we started off with my talking about Space Show sponsorship opportunities for 2019.  If you are interested in being a sponsor, there will only be a few spots available as I explained on air so do email me as soon as possible with your interest. 

Our first caller in the second segment was Freemont John.  He talked about an upcoming lunar eclipse that we should all be able to see assuming the skies are clear the night of the eclipse.  He posted this information on our blog.  Next, he talked about gravity waves and a new organization to study them by radio astronomers, the Pulsar Timing Array.  He also posted information on this topic on the blog and I will be inviting one of the lead members of the group to talk about it on TSS.  Before signing off, he talked about the upcoming New Horizons pass by of Ultima Thule and the Friday Alan Stern Space Show program, Friday, Dec. 28, 3pm PST right here on The Space Show.

Jerry from Florida sent in several emails about fund raising and he mentioned the short demo for the Musk Boring Company last week. We talked about The Boring Company, mostly saying that so far it was a bit disappointing.  I mentioned I supported The Boring Company efforts and innovation along with Hyperloop but realize that there were definitely challenges and hurdles to overcome, especially here in Ca given our nasty business climate.  A listener sent in a note asking me for my references on the CA worsening business climate so here you go:


2.  In addition, I mentioned recent articles pointing out the best aerospace states for business and CA was no longer listed in the top ten. Check this out:  This article is current as of Sept. 2018.  A simple net search would easily provide you with additional information on the best states for aerospace business if this topic interests you.

Before the program ended, I talked about our national debt approaching $22 trillion and what the .025% rise in interest rates means in taking cash out of the economy.  I referenced this in comparison to the NASA budget and how many times the rate was raised in 2018 and the plans for raising it in 2019.  Since NASA is discretionary funding, I asked if people thought this would impact space.  Jerry commented on that in one of his emails near the end of the program.

Again, a very Merry Christmas to all of you.  Happy New Year and I hope everyone is around for a terrific 2019 space and peace loving year.  Remember, there is still time this year to support The Space Show.  We are a listener supported show so your support is essential for our strong continuation next year.

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23 Dec 2018 Dr. David Livingston
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