Broadcast 1077 (Special Edition)

23 Dec 2008 Kris Kimel
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Guest: Kris Kimel, president and founder of KSTC, was the guest for this Space Show program to discuss Kentucky Space (Please see : for more details). Mr. Kimel explained the origins of Kentucky Space and later in the show, he told us about his ambitious 2009 plans which include three balloon launches and up to two suborbital launches. By June, they hope to fly at least one, maybe two orbital payloads, push further along in their collaboration with UC Berkeley and Johns Hopkins University, and do more with CubeSats and Bob Twiggs in the fall of 2009! During the show, we discussed in detail the program with the six participating Kentucky universities, the students, their leadership and professors, and the credit they receive for their work in the program. Kris described several of the possible small satellites that would be part of the program and we discussed some of the difficulties with such a program such as the lack of wide spread availability of student launches. Kris also told us about the event IdeaFestival which can be found at . Leadership, management, and financing were also topics discussed plus potential participation from students outside Kentucky. We also talked about the N-Prize and possible Kentucky Space interest in the project. As you will hear, this is a first rate program with quality space and business leadership. If you have a question or comment for Kris Kimel, please contact him at



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