Broadcast 859 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

23 Dec 2007 Robert Zimmerman
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Guest: Robert Zimmerman. Robert Zimmerman was our guest for this special Christmas Eve Space Show program. Thus, how appropriate for Bob to lead off the discussion with a look back 39 years ago to the Apollo 8 mission to the Moon and the reading from Genesis in the Old Testament by the three crewmen as they went around the Moon on that special Christmas Eve. Bob told us the story of events leading up to selecting and reading from Genesis, and provided us with information from his interviews with those involved at the time. During this segment, we also talked about other meaningful astronaut statements from space on holidays or for other events. One listener even inquired if the astronauts have a holiday schedule when in space on a day such as Christmas. This discussion comprised our first segment for the program but we referred to it throughout this Christmas Eve broadcast. Other topics discussed on this show included the Hubble Space Telescope and its pending repair mission, space shuttle flights and safety, COTS, presidential candidates and their views on space, all with many listener questions. Additionally, Bob got some questions from a listener regarding better uses of public money for society needs rather than space. Both Bob and I responded to this listener, but as always when this type of question comes up, its not only hard to answer but equally hard to change a person's perspective. Another listener question involved the robotic space component and scientific missions being more inspiring than the manned program so why focus on the manned program. Bob thought the question to be loaded , but you will want to hear how he answered this person in Minneapolis. Science and education were also topics discussed on this program. As with so many Space Show programs, India and China were discussed in terms of their plans to go to the Moon , but this time from the point of view of what this might mean for the United States. You will want to hear Bob's view on this issue. Visit Robert Zimmerman's website at Per his website, you can send your additional comments and questions to



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