Broadcast 252 (Special Edition)

23 Aug 2004 Dr. John Brandenburg
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Dr. John Brandenburg returned to The Space Show for this program to update listeners on finding on Mars from the two JPL rovers and the European Mars Express. We discussed the indicators for life such as methane, formaldehyde and ammonia, all of which are being found in the Martian atmosphere. Dr. Brandenburg pointed out the extreme caution which NASA, JPL, and governments will use before announcing life on Mars now or in its recent past. He also discussed the politics behind such an announcement which he believes is inevitable as everything points to the existence of basic life on Mars at this time. Dr. Brandenburg also spoke about chemical rockets and the need for alternative means of propulsion and described some of the advanced research work he is involved with regarding water as a fuel for the Microwave Electro-Thermal propulsion project. We also spoke about the use of nuclear power, beamed and laser power for space travel. In addition to the hard science discussed in this program, Dr. Brandenburg talked about his science fiction book currently on the market, “Morningstar Pass: The Collapse of the UFO Cover-up.” He explained why he writes science fiction under the name Victor Norgarde. He also gave us a preview of his next sci-fi book that he is currently working on. For the most, he says he gets to avoid peer review scrutiny by writing sci-fi and can pretty much say and write whatever he wants without having it impact his work or career. Dr. Brandenburg brings the latest information on Mars to Space Show listeners, he does it with fact, knowledge, and certainly humor. He is a great guest, one we can all learn much from while have a great time. Dr. Brandenburg will certainly be back and will continue to be a frequent guest on The Space Show.



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