Broadcast 794 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

22 Sep 2007 Rex Ridenoure, Stephen Metschan
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This is the second and final AIAA Space 2007 program and it features Stephen Metschan, CEO of TeamVision and Rex Ridenoure of Ecliptic Enterprises. Stephen was at AIAA promoting and presenting papers re the Direct 2 program which we have discussed on The Space Show. In this segment, he gives his impressions of what is happening at Space 2007 re Direct 2 and the NASA program, plus he compares and contrasts talks given by Dr. Scott Horowitz and Dr. Michael Griffin here at the conference. Rex updates us on the latest business activities, opportunities, markets, customers and more with Ecliptic Enterprises. You will want to hear his approach to this space business and what he has to say about getting customers and how to run a space business. As always, questions and comments can go directly to the two guests as they provide their contact information during their interviews or you can send them to me in care of



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