Special Announcement About The Sunday Program

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Our Sunday program is a modified Open Lines program.  While it will serve as an Open Lines show, welcoming your discussion topics and comments, today's program is also our annual show inviting those that want to be a guest on The Space Show for their ideas, theories, books or anything related to space development to call us, talk about what they are doing and possibly get invited back for a full Space Show program.  We do this type of program once a year so this Sunday is your opportunity to talk up your work and tell us why you should be a guest on the program.  All callers will have ample time to make their case for being a guest on the program.  There will also be opportunities for you to talk with other Space Show callers.  Don't miss this once a year program and opportunity.

Listeners, we look to your input for your input, suggestions and advice for having participants back for a full Space Show interview.  Everyone get to participate, everyone can be a winner.

We want to hear from you this Sunday.  Spread the word.  This Sunday anyone can be on The Space Show.



Special Announcement About The Sunday Program: You can be on The Space Show

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22 Oct 2021 Dr. David Livingston
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