Broadcast 3003 Keri Krukal

22 Oct 2017 Keri Kukral
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We welcomed back Keri Kukral for this one segment 72 minute program discussing the 2017 Raw Science Film Festival.  For more information, visit the Raw Science website,  This year's festival will actually be in early 2018 in Santa Barbara, CA from January 6-7, 2018 at the Granada Theater in downtown Santa Barbara.  Our discussion started with Keri talking about the Friday evening VIP event which is available to all attending the Festival depending on what ticket package one buys.  Later in the discussion, I asked Kerry about the pricing but for example, the full package for all events will be $150.00.  Don't miss this package discussion when it comes up later in the program. During this early part of the program, Keri described the Festival location which will be the Granada Theater in downtown Santa Barbara. The nearby hotel, the Canary Hotel, will be the film festival Hotel.   The Raw Science website will soon have event registration and hotel information on it and available for your signing up for the event(s). 

Keri described the film categories, the submission process, the cash price awards, and more.  I asked her about the percentage of space films this year compared to science films. She said it was higher this year than last year. So far it was running about 25% space films with 75% being science related.  We also went over the speakers with many being highlighted by Keri during our discussion.  You can see the full list of speakers at  Kerry talked about presenter talks and Power Point Presentations and their education outreach.  Todd sent in a note asking about Q&A opportunities.  Keri explained the process as the presentations would be short but the speakers and others would be around at the events for access and questions.  Don't miss what she said about this and film festival networking opportunities.  She then mentioned that there would be a second floor exhibit hall with multiple different types of experiences.  This will be new from previous years.  Another listener question came in asking for more information about the Red Carpet that Keri mentioned earlier in our discussion.  Do not miss what she said about the Red Carpet.  This will certainly be fun and interesting if it can be streamed, even more will be able to enjoy all of it.

Keri explained in detail the pricing structure and registration options.  Again, check back on the website as this information will soon be available and active.  Keri took another listener question asking about art in the science discussion or STEAM.  Keri had much to say on this subject, talked about the many science and art sponsors of the film festival plus their presentations and more.  She also mentioned that the Breakthrough Starshot program we talked about before with Dr. Lubin of UCSB will include personal art and related submissions on the interstellar wafers being designed for the Proxima B flyby in the future.  Keri explained this interstellar opportunity to us.  She also said that one of his labs would be available for tour during the film festival.

Keri was asked about international entries of which there will be many. She then mentioned the Dublin, Ireland InspireFest event.  Check this out at  We asked Keri to comment on her take regarding science education in the US given her travels and talks about the Raw Science Film Festival. Keri offered us valuable perspectives so don't miss what she said about our science education.  This led to a listener question and comment about the recent Esther Dyson Space Show program, her being a featured speaker at Raw Science and her association with 23 & Me.  The listener was wondering why these organziations do not provide the customer with the backstory on the science used to provide the consumer info to the customer.  We talked about this for GPS too.  I mentioned that when Esther was on we talked about a 23 & Me similar test for dogs.  That test, Embark, also does not provide the science backstory to the DNA analysis used in profiling the dog. My own thoughts were that it would facilitate science education if these backstories, even a video showing how the analysis conclusions were reached, were made available to the consumer.  I suspect many would find it interesting and useful and it would be a valuable educational tool. 

Just before our program ended, Dr. Doug called to ask Keri about the role of gravity and dance given Keri's ballet background.  Doug and Keri had an interesting discussion.  We learned that dancers dream of being unbound by gravity in their dance.  We talked about the some of the characteristics and challenges of low or no gravity dancing.  This was a great concluding conversation so don't miss it.

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The Raw Science Film Festival returns in Santa Barbara

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