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  • The Space Foundation Conference

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  • The Space Foundation Conference

The Space Foundation Conference

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November 22, 2022

The year 2022 is finishing fast.  I'm sure many of you will agree it has been a year like no other and a year that will be good to put behind us. We have endured health and financial challenges, societal stresses, cultural shocks, southward bound economics with record setting inflation. Yet despite these challenges, we have had a year with a record or near number of launches, our return the Moon program is underway, private sector satellites are big players now for both national security and commerce, capital has been flowing entrepreneurs and their startups, and commercial space opportunities are more plentiful and stronger than ever.  We are stronger than before with our focus on space because we know space makes all our lives better, something we now need more than ever.  I know from hearing from many of you, taking your calls and emails and talking with our wonderful guests and listeners, our space community remains positive for our future and becoming an even bigger and better part of humanity.  We all know the value of robust planetary research, Earth science, human spaceflight and medicine, space settlement, commercializing space and expanding opportunities and access, plus gaining more knowledge about who we are, our own solar system and the stewardship of our home planet.  Maybe even one day soon making first contact. 

The Space Show has stood the tests of time and hard challenges from our start just a few months before 9/11 through the pandemic and to the new challenges of today.  With your help, The Space Show will continue standing tall to face new challenges as we move into the New Year 2023 with many amazing possibilities awaiting each of us.  With your help, The Space Show will continue to evolve and be better than ever as a reliable source of information and space education for our future growth, our audience and in our capacity as a guide space development for our future.  We will continue bringing great guests into your world addressing vital and interesting topics.  We want to continue making available to you a quality forum to promote your interests, your IP, books, products and ideas. Our forum is also a place where you can share your expertise with us no matter where we are on Earth.  The Space Show vision burns bright as we continue on to our 22nd anniversary in June 2023 where we will celebrate excellence which all of you have made possible. In addition, soon after the start of the New Year, The Space Show will host our 4,000th live program!

As in the previous years, it is now the time for The Space Show/One Giant Leap Foundation to replenish itself to carry on for 2023.  To make sure  that The Space Show meets the challenges of 2023, we need partners just like you to help us stay strong and continue as we are completely listener funded. We can't go it alone, we need your support.  We clearly need your positive energy and messages through participation in The Space Show.  But in addition, we also need listeners and supporters just like you to help make it happen and to contribute to the goal of having space make a positive impact on all our lives.  Many of you listen to our programs and participate with us without contributing or supporting us.  While our content is distributed free of charge, and we will work hard to continue this policy, Space Show programming does come with a high cost.  So while continuing to listen and participate, take a step beyond your norm and support us for 2023.  Don't rely on others to keep The Space Show strong.  Keeping us strong really is a group activity and we need your financial support along with your participation so please donate to The Space Show/One Giant Leap Foundation during our annual campaign now underway through the end of the year.  We also greatly appreciate our existing supporters and welcome your continued support. You are our backbone and we can't thank you enough for what you do for space and The Space Show.  Please don't forget to inquire about our Advisory Board participation and the sponsorship options available to Space Show supporters.

As a reminder, The Space Show offers many benefits.  Here are just a few to consider when deciding to contribute to us: 

1.  We are a live broadcast program with real time phone calls and emails so you can have real time exchanges with our guests. We are not just another podcast.

2.  You can freely talk with our guests and other callers, plus establish contact with them after the broadcast or if you listen to archives.

3.  We have a Space Show Advisory Board you can consider joining.  Sponsorship offers additional promotional benefits that are part of each and every program for as long as it remains on our website.

4. You can suggest guests for the program. We follow up on all suggestions and do our best to get your suggestion on the program. 

5.  We have multiple Open Lines program where you can promote your ideas, theories, intellectual property and talk directly to other listeners.

6.  As a 501c3 nonprofit with the One Giant Leap Foundation, Inc, you get a tax donation for your contribution with the IRS.

7.  We afford students multiple opportunities to be on the show with their projects and more.  Middle school, high school, and college -The Space Show loves all students.

8.  We do our best to cover key space stories with the actual newsmakers, not just by reporting what happened.  And you get to talk to the key people behind the breaking news and discoveries in space science and the Newspace economy.

The above benefits are just a few of the many reasons why The Space Show is a strong leader in our industry.  Still, we need your help so please support us by donating to The Space Show/One Giant Leap Foundation.  You will find a large PayPal button at the top of our home page,  That is the easiest way to support The Space Show.  For those of you not wanting to do so online, please make out your check to our parent, One Giant Leap Foundation, and mail it to One Giant Leap Foundation, C/O Dr. David Livingston, 11035 Lavender Hill Dr., Ste. 160-306, Las Vegas, NV  89135. We thank you very much for your support and generosity.  Your Space Show/One Giant Leap Foundation donation today is an investment in our future thorough space which has over time proven to be a valuable and important benefit for everyone here on Earth.

I want to wish all of you a very happy, healthy and safe  Thanksgiving, Holiday Season, and a prosperous New Year.  We care about each and everyone one of you and your families and friends so continue to be careful, pay attention, stay healthy and well, and let's all be here to celebrate our 22nd birthday in June 2023.

At your service always,

David Livingston,

Dr.. David Livingston,

The Space Show


11035 Lavender Hill Dr.,

Ste. 160-306

Las Vegas, NV   89135






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22 Nov 2022 Dr. David Livingston
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference