Broadcast 1367 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

22 May 2010 Dr. David Livingston
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Guest: Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston. Topics: Nuclear rockets and propulsion, bone loss, radiation, VASIMR. This Open Lines program was a two hour plus discussion without a break regarding many issues ranging from space policy to nuclear propulsion. The VASIMR was again a focal point for discussion and this took us into a lengthy discussion of nuclear propulsion. Nuclear Thermal Rockets were the main topic but other nuclear propulsion concepts were discussed. This seemed to be the overwhelming topic as caller after caller talked about nuclear propulsion as well as radiation. Following up on earlier programs about bone loss issues for long duration space flight, several callers had ideas for minimizing bone loss. Fortunately, one of the Classroom specialists on the subject, Dr. Jurist, was listening and he called in as well as sent in messages explaining why this or that theory would not help retard bone loss for these longer space missions. A listener also called in about using hydrofluoric acid for Insitu development of the lunar regolith. Toward the end of the program, we received calls about the current space policy debate. At one point during this show, Dr. Jurist asked for my thoughts on STEM education and this led to one of my typical rants but also my referring back to the outstanding program on this issue with Dr. Neville Marzwell on May 2, 2010. If you have not yet heard this program with Dr. Marzwell, please do. The specific URL for it is I also offered to do a few very informal polls on The Space Show. Let us know by email if you are interested in more programming on nuclear propulsion or if you think we have had enough on the subject for awhile. Also, regarding Open Lines programs, would you like to see a second Open Lines show each month or should I keep the Open Lines to one program a month. If you have any comments or questions for any of the callers on this program, send your comments to me and tell me who I should send them to and I will forward your note to the appropriate person. Please use



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