Broadcast 340 (Special Edition)

22 May 2005 Dr. Stephen Johnson
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Dr. Stephen Johnson was The Space Show guest for this very interesting two hour program. We began with a comprehensive discussion of military space and weapons in space given the recent news about the Air Force considering deploying certain space weapons in the not so distant future. This is perhaps the most complete and detailed discussion on this topic so far on The Space Show as Dr. Johnson examined many different components that go into space weapons consideration. We next addressed issues with systems management in space, including NASA, the aerospace industry, the government, even the business community. Dr. Johnson put forth a very credible history of decision making and management as it relates to our total space program today and the challenges faced by doing things in space. You will also find this discussion very interesting. In the last part of the program, Dr. Johnson was asked questions about the Mars robotic missions, artificial intelligence as it relates to space development, and the new space vision to return to the Moon and then go forward to Mars. His comments are comprehensive and fact-filled making the total of this program a valuable resource for those pursuing a space-faring society. If you want to contact Dr. Johnson, you can do so through me at



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