Broadcast 986 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

22 Jul 2008 Rand Simberg, Bill Simon
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Guests: Rand Simberg and William (Bill) Simon returned for this Space Show program to discuss Evoloterra, the ceremony honoring when we first set foot on another world. Please visit to learn more about this ceremony and to download it. During our discussion, Rand and Bill explained the origins of Evoloterra and its purpose. We discussed many related aspects of it, including the exploration spirit. We had listener questions and comments via the phone regarding exploration and more, plus many listeners suggested Evoloterra find its way to the school systems. Rand and Bill did not think this possible given that this ceremony is modelled after the Passover Seder religious ceremony and it would probably be too religious for a school to use, even as a play. We stressed how important it was to remember July 20, 1969 and compared it to other historical events or future possible events in space development such as finally achieving low cost space access. Listen to how Bill and Rand describe this even in comparison to other events throughout the times. Do you concur? Much time was spent discussing if Evoloterra could be used to spark space development and more interest in space throughout the population. Again, listen to what the Evoloterra authors have to say about this possible use of their ceremony. Toward the end of the show, we discussed strategies for doing better about making space an important public issue. I expressed my frustration with congressional letter writing and both Bill and Rand seemed to think the private sector was the answer. We also discussed how to present Evoloterra to a larger base in 2009. In the meantime, as you will hear at the end of the show, we encourage listeners to do the ceremony now, don't wait until 2009. Please provide The Space Show with feedback from your experience if you do an Evoloterra ceremony this year. If you have a question for Rand or Bill, send it to for Bill and Rand can be reached through his Transterrestrial Musings blog at or



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