Broadcast 896 (Special Edition)

22 Feb 2008 Dr. Louis D. Friedman
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Guest: Dr. Louis Friedman. Dr. Louis Friedman returned for this special Space Show program to discuss the recent Stanford University workshop regarding "Examining The Vision: An Independent Look At The Future Of Human Space Exploration." You can read the workshop's statement at Dr. Friedman explained the purpose of this workshop, the many issues and subjects which were discussed, as well as the conclusions from the workshop. We then applied these findings to our current space policy and the upcoming changes in our government. Don't miss our discussion about how this influential group and their conclusions will work to successfully influence the new administration to keep the VSE on track. There were numerous questions for Lou which focused on lunar commerce, sustainability for a lunar presence, and ultimately the grand prize of going to Mars. One listener asked about LaGrange points as an intermediate destination. You will want to hear what he has to say about this idea . Dr. Friedman spoke about science and the human program in balance and we received several questions which suggested science should not be funded by NASA, but rather by the NSF and similar organizations. Listen to Dr. Friedman's response to these questions. Another listener asked Dr. Friedman how and why he started The Planetary Society as well as what he perceives the future of The Planetary Society to be, so you will want to hear this bit of important history and hear about his future vision. Also, near the end of the show, I mentioned that I get emails about supporting the VSE from many listeners outside America. I suggest the listeners should write to their government to create or support or participate in the space program to return to the Moon, etc. Lou agreed, but said that NASA is the world's space program although they don't realize or understand this. His comment led to an interesting discussion about global involvement in the VSE, NASA, China, and more. You will hear parts of this discussion throughout the program. If you want to send a follow up comment or question to Dr. Friedman, please do so through the Planetary Society website at or through me at During the Open Lines portion of this show, our first caller was Charles Pooley of Microlaunchers and Mohave, CA. Charles took issue with some of what Dr. Friedman said, instead preferring his incremental approach. Surprisingly, Charles received many questions including a few about the space tourism industry in Mojave and elsewhere. As you will hear, Charles is not enthusiastic about the commercial potential of space tourism. After Charles got off the line, a second caller called the show, John from Montana. John continued talking about the incremental approach which Charles had introduced and also the applicability of it with student and academic payloads. This makes for an interesting, but brief Open Lines segment.



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