Broadcast 1109 (Special Edition)

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Guest: Dr. Sean Casey. Topics: SOFIA, astronomy, student interns, NASA science missions. Dr. Sean Casey returned to The Space Show to update us on The Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) project. In the process of discussing SOFIA and infrared astronomy (please see for more details), we talked about other types of astronomy, atmospheric, and space observation. We also learned that there were possibilities for student interns on the project, so if you are interested in an internship or know someone who is, send a note to Dr. Casey. There were numerous listener questions about the technical aspects of the special Boeing 747SP modifications and the telescope as well as support equipment. As the SOFIA aircraft flies at 41,000 feet with the door open, you will want to hear about the design, engineering, and operation of this unique airborne observatory. Listeners asked other questions addressing the value of science and astronomy in general and the mix of science and human space programs in NASA. You can learn much more about SOFIA, possibly even arrange a tour of the SOFIA plane at Palmdale, just visit the SOFIA website listed above. You will find this program to be informative and interesting, so visit the SOFIA website for more information. If you have questions or comments about SOFIA or for Dr. Casey, please email him at . Please copy me on your note at .



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22 Feb 2008 Dr. Sean Casey
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