Broadcast 858 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

22 Dec 2007 Dennis Wingo
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Guest: Dennis Wingo. NOTE: At the end of this archived program are two Earth & Sky segments that are relative for the dates Dec. 23 and Dec. 24, 2007 regarding the Earth, our Moon, and Mars. I am sure you will find them of interest. Dennis Wingo was the guest for this Space Show program which focused on his Dec. 10, 2007 SpaceRef article entitled "Taking it to the Streets (Space That is): Problems with NASA's Return to the Moon Plan" ( Dennis started the interview with a summary of his analysis of the VSE and its shortcomings. This led to a comprehensive discussion on establishing the vision, generating energy from solar cells on the moon, why it is so important to consider extraterrestrial resources and how we could use these resources to improve conditions on the Earth and much more. The first segment of this two hour program afforded Dennis the opportunity to put forth his thesis and set the stage for the rest of this discussion. There were many listener questions for Dennis, ranging from how one would implement a space policy action plan to precisely what the revised space policy plan should include. As you will hear, the ISS, COTS, the private sector with real markets, and the government all play important roles in the space future Dennis sees. Dennis calls for NASA to establish the vision for the Moon-Mars Program . You will want to hear what he has to say about this important vision. Some listeners questioned the possibility of using terrestrial or space based solar power in order to help solve EARTH'S ENERGY problems. Other listeners were not sure of the viability of the VSE no matter what given so many political and economic uncertainties in our country today. Again, this is a must hear discussion. If you have further comments or questions for Dennis Wingo, please email him at



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