Broadcast 541 (Special Edition)

22 Aug 2006 Dr. Marcelo Vazquez
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Dr. Marcelo Vazquez was the special guest for this Space Show program. This program focused on cosmic radiation, how to shield for it to protect astronauts, what it is, what it does, what is the state of the art in handling cosmic radiation, what does the future hold for long term space flight or settlement and much more. Dr. Vazquez answered many listener questions, compared radiation on the Moon with Mars and in deep space as well as LEO. We also talked cosmic radiation versus other types of radiation, the use of radiation for medical treatment, Ozone shielding, etc. We talked about the future of humans in space, genetic modification for humans to cope with radiation, we talked about the Earth's magnetic field and thick atmosphere to shield us here on the ground, the Martian atmosphere and even some shielding on the surface of the Moon. Don't miss this program. Dr. Vazquez will return to The Space Show as this is an important topic, one that we all need to understand. You can send your comments or questions to Marcelo at



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