Broadcast 1227 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

21 Sep 2009 Al Reisz
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Guest: Al Reisz. Topics: space exploration, ECR space propulsion engine, space policy, Augustine, LCROSS. Al Reisz was the guest for today's Space Show program. The first segment started with a look back at some of Al's earlier work with the Saturn V and the J-2 engine. We spent some time discussing testing and the need to learn by failing in order to have success. Mr. Reisz had much to say that was important on this subject, don't miss it. We then discussed the work he is doing on his ECR, the Electron Cyclotron Resonance Space Engine. We discussed ion propulsion and how it works, the VASIMR engine, and the timeline for bringing ECR online. Mr. Reisz was asked to explain the advantages and why people should care about developing this new technology for space travel. Listen to what he had to say. In the second segment, Al was asked about the case for exploring space and he talked about the need to develop new science for the benefit of humanity. We then linked this need to new technology such as the ECR. Mars human missions were discussed in the context of what the ECR would mean for rapid to and from trips to Mars and we also brought up space policy in light of the Augustine Commission findings. Listeners had many questions for Al including questions about his thoughts on the Ares 1 rocket given his Saturn V experience. You do not want to miss what he had to say about Ares 1 and Constellation. Toward the end of this segment, Al was asked about fusion space energy and his thoughts on space solar power. He also talked about our need to promote space better. In the third segment, we talked some more about the Saturn V and the J-2 engine and how to better involve the public in developing and implementing space policy. I asked about some of the comments I read in a recent essay on space development by Dr. Spudis regarding the use of space for our economy and wealth building, but that like the railroads and trucks on the highway, space does not have to be in our consciousness any more than railroads are in our consciousness. Al agreed, but said that since we first needed commercial space infrastructure, we still had to promote and work to get space to the point where it could support industrialization as did the railroads once their development was in full motion. Toward the end of the program, he received a listener question about the NASA LCROSS mission, its plan to hit the Moon and see if ice is abundant on the lunar south pole. The scheduled impact is Oct. 9 of this year. To learn more about the work and ECR of Al Reisz, visit his website at . If you have a comment or question you would like to ask him, please email him .



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