Broadcast 816 (Special Edition)

21 Oct 2007 Richard Glover
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Rich Glover of Microgravity Enterprises was the guest today regarding his space manufactured consumer product mix for sale here on Earth at this time. Please visit the company website, Rich talked about the marketing, financial, and business aspects of his product line and the overall impact of the product ingredients having been in space.One of the lessons he said he said he learned early on was to pay attention to the traditional business rules and processes because being space based can only go so far and its not far enough. His product line for tangible consumer products consists of Space2O bottled water, Antimatter which is an an energy drink, and Space beer. These products are made with enzymes, yeast and other food ingredients that have flown to space. Rich received several business and marketing questions from the listeners. This is a show you will want to hear as it focus on the business aspects of a consumer business consisting of space products. You can send Rich Glover your questions or comments by emailing him at or visiting the contact page,



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