Broadcast 1057 (Special Edition)

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Guests: Leonard David was the guest for three segments of our program, followed by Barbara David joining us for the last segment. We did much forward-looking during this show given the changes taking place in government, the economy, and the space community. We talked about the incoming administration and what it might mean for space, the Space Coast of Florida, and its commitment to human space flight, the economy, viewing the Space Shuttle, and much more. Leonard reported on the recent Lunar Lander Challenge and Armadillo Aerospace at the X-Prize in Las Cruces, NM. We spoke about teachers in space, zero-g flights for teachers, and the educational program cutbacks in NASA during the Griffin administration. Much of our discussion focused on the Vision for Space Exploration and what it might look like with the Obama administration. Leonard was asked some questions about the subjects he writes about as to what subject proves to be the most popular. You will want to listen to what he had to say about the feedback he gets from some articles. Leonard and I did much speculation on the economy, economic impacts on space development, the continuation of the VSE, layoffs, etc. During the last segment, Barbara David joined us and we talked about space education, her educator work and books and how to make a difference in educating the youth of the country about space. This is an important discussion, so make sure you hear it. You can contact Leonard, Barbara or both by going through my address,



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21 Nov 2008 Leonard David, Barbara Sprungman-David
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