Broadcast 627 (Special Edition)

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Dr. Jeff Bell returned to The Space Show for this special two hour program. Our discussion with Dr. Bell covered many topics of interest. We started out by talking about the many space conferences that are going on during the year, the difference between an engineering/technical conference versus an advocate conference and Dr. Bell gave us his opinion about the conference situation. For those of you not familiar with Dr. Bell opinions as frequently expressed in his editorial opinion pieces with, you are likely in for a shock or a surprise. You can read his pieces by doing a search at for Jeffrey F. Bell. Our discussion with Dr. Bell progressed to discussing X Prize Cup and he fielded several listener questions about the Cup and the lunar lander challenge and NASA prizes. We then discussed his views about the irrelevance of space activism and he was asked specific questions about how to make it relevant. You will want to hear this discussion and why Dr. Bell says what he says. Remember, though may disagree with him, Jeff is a critical thinker, a scientist, and someone who has been there, done it, and been part of it. Noting his perspective is very important to moving off the planet as a space-faring culture. During the show we also talked about the Ares I booster (the stack), COTS and prizes, NASA, the space policy programs of other nations, returning to the Moon, the killer application for space which he believes to be space tourism. He was asked about space solar power and he clearly states why it won't be the "killer ap" we are all looking for regarding space commerce. Toward the end of the program, Jeff was accused of being nothing more than a NASA hater and he took on the question from our listener in Davenport, IA and explained why he is not a NASA hater but how he evaluates the situation, the track records involved, etc. Again, while you may not agree or approve of his answer, pay attention to the critical thinking process Dr. Bell employs because critical thinking is very important on this program. We also talked about the developing private space industry, many of the companies, how to lower launch costs and lots more. If you want to send follow up questions or comments to Dr. Jeff Bell, please do so through and I will forward them to him.



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21 Nov 2006 Dr. Jeff Bell
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