Broadcast 280 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

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Elaine Walker returned to The Space Show to discuss many important subjects ranging from Devon Island, the Moon Habitat with the Mexican Space Society, space advocacy, the new space policy vision and its impact on space development and advocacy. Elaine did a superb job in thoroughly discussing the Mars Analog site at Devon Island and the importance of the research going on at this Artic Circle location and the Haughton Crater. Known as the Nasa Haughton-Mars Project, Elaine, having spent two sessions at the site, she brought us up to date with the Devon Island research projects, what it was like living at Devon Island, driving the ATVs in the crater and more. She even discussed their training to defend themselves and the camp from possible polar bear attack, a discussion I personally found very interesting. Elaine also discussed the Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse at Devon Island, how they are learning to grow lettuce in the greenhouse and what its relevance is to humans to Mars. Elaine was asked how one could go to Devon Island and she provided the contact information for applying for permission to be at the project. She was also asked questions about space suits for Mars and their experimentation at Devon Island. Elaine Walker brings up many other interesting and important topics during this interview. You will not want to miss it.



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21 Nov 2004 Ms. Elaine Walker
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