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Guest:  Dr. Namrata Goswami; Topics:  US Space Policy, China and space, the Biden Space Policy, space competition, competing space visions, space race with China, the U.S. Space Force and much more.  Note that this was about a 2 hour discussion covering multiple topics with multiple callers plus email questions.

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We welcomed back to the show Dr. Namrata for a thorough, comprehensive and at times complex discussion on US space policy, the same for China and lots more.  Themes running throughout this discussion focused on competing space visions between China and the U.S., the U.S. private sector performance compared to China's space performance and what the US government can or cannot do to both help or hurt our space private sector.  Dr. Goswami spent time talking about the developing Chinese commercial space sector since 2016, plus she made it clear that despite commentary saying China was not innovative, the fact is China is very innovative and our guest cited several space accomplishments to prove Chinese innovation.  While much was said about the Biden space policy, much was in the hopeful category, including Biden making a key space speech fairly soon, though the administration is new with space so much is unknown at this time.  As for the continuation of Artemis, the National Space Council, the Artemis Accords, our guest said all of that was good but funding, logistic and details need clarification.

One of the highlights of the discussion from my perspective was what out guest said regarding China moving forward because they are in a space race with us for global dominance, a priority for China while the US does not see us being in a space race with China, plus our space goals are very different.  China seeks resources and investment on behalf of China.  Listen to how our guest compared and contrasted those goals with our space goals.   

Vision was a huge part of our discussion throughout the program.  Once again, our guest did a fantastic job of comparing and contrasting space visions with China and the US.  In addition, Dr. Goswami showed us how each vision motivates and inspires the public and engages them in space.  Listen to the examples Namrata provided regrading China.  Then consider how we do or do not connect with the public on space.  My perspective on this issues is that the space vision is a big deal and the US is coming up short in our competition with China on this point, also on other points. 

Listeners asked our guest about Chinese credibility in light of Covid and the information finally coming out regarding their lack of transparency and their refusal to provide lab data in multiple global investigations on sourcing the Covid virus.  Interestingly, Namrata explained why this would not make much difference on the global front and in the China PR effort toward being the global leader in space within a few years.  Please listen to how she explained this.  Tell us if you agree or not and what you think.  Remember, its simple, just post your comments on our blog.  By the way, you can easily do that by posting a guest rather than signing in and dealing a Disqus account. 

I used the tags and key words to briefly summarize this lengthy, comprehensive and important discussion.  Here they are again for your convenience:

"Dr. Namrata Goswami, Sen. Bill Nelson as new NASA Administrator, Chinese competition, Artemis, lunar landers, Chinese space program concerns, cislunar space, Mars, China and the Outer Space Treaty, South China Sea example, lunar south pole ice example, space territory appropriation, space race with China, U.S. view of space race with China, China's space economics compared to U.S. space economics, Chinese innovation, NewSpace sector,  Chinese commercial space, Biden space policy, Biden space vision, Biden investment plan for space, tax incentives for US private investment in space, U.S. long term support for projects like Artemis, U.S. Moon program, China public relations,  Long March 5B, propaganda, China lack of transparency, Belt and Road Program, China vanquishing NewSpace, National Space Council (NSC), NSC goals, China's space goals, Space Force culture, U.S. space collaborations with China, Wolf Amendment, U.S. strategic thinking around space, critical SLS upcoming date, Biden space speech, Space Force culture and vision, Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier case, expanding the US space vision."

Using the tags/key words as a summary means you can follow the order of our discussion topics, callers and emails as they represent the chronological notes to our discussion.  Also, I think it is worth noting that I believe this program to be very important and timely.  Dr. Goswami did a great job of explaining the importance of space, the differences with China and the US over space and why it is so important for the US to understand what is at stake and make sure we remain the global space leader.  I agree whole heartedly with Dr. Goswami and I share her concerns about our being able to remain top dog.  Note what our guest said when given a listener question about the fact that our private sector can make up the difference in the space race with China regardless of what the U.S. government does.  Hint:  The ultimate success of the private space sector might just depend on U.S. government actions, regulations and controls so the assumption that say SpaceX will carry the day for the U.S. may not prove out.  This was made a bit clearer when later in the show a listener ask Namrata if the government my refuse SpaceX permission to go to Mars with people as he plans to do.  Do not miss what she said in direct response to this question.  I do hope listeners pay attention to what our guest shared with us today.  We need to do our part to assure our representatives making policy do so in a way that serves the best interest of the US and our international partners in space along with developing space for everyone. 

In a two hour discussion, much more was said and talked about than what I am summarizing in this review.  There was no break in the program though shortly after the midpoint I paused the show to shoutout to our sponsors.  Please post your comments/questions for this program on our blog for this show.  You can reach Dr. Goswami through me here at The Space Show.




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21 May 2021 Dr. Namrata Goswami
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