Broadcast 718 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

21 May 2007 Dr. Burton H. Lee
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Dr. Burton Lee was the guest for this show which first aired on Saturday, May 19 and was heard again on Tuesday, May 22, 2007. Dr. Lee discussed the upcoming financial symposium for the ISDC Conference in Dallas, May 24, 2007. Burton provided us with an important comprehensive look into this conference as well as space investment financing. Many financial issues were discussed, listeners asked several financial and oriented questions, and Burton provided us with details and insights into the speakers and participants at this upcoming symposium. We also stressed that while the speakers were invited, the symposium was open to anyone. We also encouraged listeners to send or bring their investment and financial consultants with them to this symposium giving the growing interest in commercial space and space investment opportunities. Burton will be back with us on June 10 to tell us about the symposium. You can send your comments or questions to Dr. Burton Lee at



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