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Guest: Dr. John Jurist was the guest on this program to discuss his hypothesis as to why space cadets behave as they do. His paper, "Dorky Space Cadets: An Hypothesis," can be found on the Space Cynics site as of March 13, 2008, . Click on the link provided to Space Cynics and scroll down to his article starting with "Dorky." During our discussion today, Dr. Jurist explained how he created the hypothesis and what types of research, tools and methodologies he used to formulate his theory. He received many listener questions asking him about the appropriateness of using regret analysis. On the other hand, he also received several comments and questions from spacers suggesting that they had experience with others using regret analysis and also other means to formulate their space related behavior. Dr. Jurist compared space cadet behavior to the behavior of those advocating other causes and I joined in with examples from the CF community, which I know only too well. John's comparisons are most interesting and relevant. Dr Jurist also spoke about trash talking and putting others down within the space community, rather than being more supportive of different efforts and approaches. This is a must-hear discussion. One listener brought up the idea of failed expectations because of policy and political leaders, not because of technology or engineering barriers. Another brought up ego as an issue among other characteristics which could explain some of the actions which, as Dr. Jurist point out, appeared to be destructive behavior. Yet other listeners pointed out the contributions made to the developing space industry, especially space tourism, by space cadets and advocates. So, clearly the proposed hypothesis does not work for all circumstances. Listen to how Dr. Jurist responds to this set of questions. The last segment of the show was dedicated to Open Lines. I started this segment with a brief comment about a recently received email saying that the archive file size of Space Show programs was too large. Please listen to these few minutes as I explain how shows are archived, uploaded, etc. One listener called in asking about my MBA focus when I did my MBA work and also what I did to provide a space education for my sons as an explanation of why they know so much and are interested in space today though space is not their primary focus in their life. I explain what I did years ago when my sons were young, to teach them about space and the difference between science fiction and reality. Another listener sent in a note about how to choose a space studies graduate program when he finishes his undergraduate work in a few years. I pointed out to this listener that things were changing rapidly and what I say today may not be relevant in four or five years regarding existing academic programs. However, I did talk about specific science and engineering programs versus interdisciplinary space studies programs both in the States and abroad. If you have follow up questions for Dr. Jurist about his hypothesis, please send your emails to me at and I will forward them to him.



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21 Mar 2008 Dr. John Jurist
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