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Guest : Dan Linehan, author of "SpaceShipOne: An Illustrated History," was the guest for this Space Show program. We went through the book, which is a documentary on SpaceShipOne (SS1), its development, construction, and flights. During this show interview with Dan Linehan, we address many things and learn lots of new things regarding SS1. For example, the rumor that it was unsafe to fly again and thus off it went to the Smithsonian, as you will hear in the story near the end of the discussion, is not true. Listen to what Dan tells us about SS1, additional flights, and the vehicle going to the Smithsonian. The same is true for how the rocket motor was made and who made it. Dan talks about the components, the companies that had a part in making the motor, and the involvement of Scaled Composites in the motor development and manufacturing. Particularly interesting to me was the history and the comparison of SS1 to the X-15 and early lifting bodies. Dan provides the comparison data in table format in the book, plus incredible photos. You will want to check it all out. As a result of listener questions, we talked about the flight testing program for SS1 and WhiteKnightOne. Dan also told us about his recent visit to Scaled where he flew in the simulator. You will want to hear his description of this experience. Sir Arthur C. Clarke wrote the Foreword for the book, perhaps one of the last things written by Sir Arthur as the Foreword bears the date Oct. 4, 2007. Some listeners following the discussion visited Dan's website,, and asked him about his Antarctica experiences and the comparisons between Antarctica and space. You will want to hear this discussion. You can contact Dan or send follow up questions or comments by using the contact page on his website, Scroll down below his bio for the contact information. Please mention you are contacting him based on his appearance on The Space Show. His book is widely available, it is and will be an historic account of a very historic event and early spaceship.



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21 Jul 2008 Dan Linehan
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