Broadcast 1294 (Special Edition)

21 Jan 2010 Dr. David Livingston
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Guest: OPEN LINES. Topics: Space policy, Rasmussen space polls, science and technology for the future, space advocacy. Today's program was OPEN LINES and extended beyond the two hour time due to a last minute 11th hour listener phone call. In segment one, I read a series of questions from listener Kelly that came in by email and we made those discussion topics, focusing on the viability of commercial space and comparing them to civil space programs. I also put forth some possible discussion topics for the show including the two recent Rasmussen space polls on NASA funding and the Space Shuttle, a FastFuture report from the UK titled "The Shape Of Jobs To Come: Possible new Careers Emerging from Advances In Science and Technology (2010-2030)," orbital propellant depots, and more. Segment two covered space policy and propellant depot comments which resulted in listener calls, questions, and comments. See what you think of what was said in this segment. Toward the end of this period, the issue of the regulatory environment came up and we talked about the probability of increasing regulation on orbital launchers regarding space debris mitigation. Our third segment focused on the FastFuture report and I read the ten conclusions of the report on the air. We also started talking about space advocacy. In the fourth and final segment, we discussed space advocacy, Ares 1, congressional funding, and "playing" the game. Listener questions focused on how to get congressional attention, government funding, and what might be a desirable plan or action for space enthusiasts to take to move us faster along in becoming space-fairing. I brought up the upcoming Space Show Classroom series and talked about some of the programs and an idea for a new Classroom session dealing with what we should do and how to implement such a plan. The introduction for The Space Show Classroom is Tuesday, Feb. 2 and trust me, you don't want to miss this show. If you have questions for me or anyone who called or commented on this program, please send y our email to I will forward it as necessary.



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