Broadcast 2867 Nick Nielsen

21 Feb 2017 Nick Nielsen
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We welcomed Nick Nielsen to this 92 minute discussion regarding The Overview Effect and variations on that theme.  Nick blogs on these topics on his two blogs, Grand Strategy: The View from Oregon and Grand Strategy Annex see ( and  He also posts articles on the Centauri Dreams blog,  Nick has expanded The Overview Effect perspective to include what he calls the Homeworld Effect and the Mars Effect.  During the program we expanded this even further to include a variety of perspectives that would alter our view of humanity and the solar system.

Nick started the discussion with an introduction telling us how he developed his Homeworld and Mars Effect ideas.  This is an involved discussion that reflects the deep thought our guest has given to these and other issues.  As a result of what Nick created and talked about, listeners and I started expanding the perspectives to visiting other planets and asteroids and the Moon (Venus cloud cities for example), plus perspective changes from deep space seeing the Earth or seeing Mars or having lived on Mars seeing Earth or traveling to Earth.  The degree of noting varying perspective changes could be endless as you can imagine.  We also talked about what might evolve from private sector commercial astronauts, tourists or say Martian settlers as compared to Martian explorers in terms of their perspectives on seeing into space from the surface of Mars or their home world.. 

For the second segment of our program Nick brought up the future capability of an Overview Effect of finally being able to see our own galaxy, the Milky Way, in full from outside our galaxy.  While that remains a possibility for a long time from now, it remains a most interesting thought and consciousness type problem to assess and integrate into how we see things.  Don't miss this discussion. 

Harry from Tucson sent in a note asking Nick if he thought The Overview Effect could be used as a marketing and selling tool to support and fund human spaceflight (HSF), specifically federal funding.  Nick provided us with an interesting reply but remarked that many have proposed using virtual reality as a marking tool for HSF.

Later in the segment, Nick was asked if he thought it mattered in terms humanity and overview effect perspectives if we returned to the Moon or sent humans first to Mars.  Don't miss his response to this but for the most part, he said it did not matter in the big picture of things.  After this discussion, Nick mentioned the risk of society collapsing.  I asked him to explain what he meant by that and if he really thought we were at risk of collapsing.  In his response he said we were more at risk from stagnation which he described as an existential risk. Don't miss this discussion.

Larry raised the question about differences in how the space perspective might be received by the government and military astronauts as compared to commercial astronauts.  Nick agreed that we might see a different way of looking at the Homeworld Effect or The Overview Effect.  We will start to find this out when commercial space tourist and spaceflight participant flights start in the near future.

Kyle called the show to note that the astronauts experiencing the Overview Effect might be doing it because they were the type of person who could have and entertain such an experience.  Nick thought that the effect might diminish as human spaceflight became more routine.  I noted that many of the retired astronauts that I have spoken with privately as well as on the show claimed to not know what The Overview Effect was nor did they have such an experience by being in space.  Nick and I discussed this for a few minutes so again, this is something you will want to hear. 

In the concluding minutes of the program several other topics and short discussions came up including changing the perspective of Moon hoaxers and others that Nick said were called "dead enders."  He also talked about the Principle of Mediocrity and its application to our discussion.  The last email question came from Jock in Los Angeles asking Nick how he came up with his ideas, concepts, theories and perspectives.  Don't miss what Nick had to say in response to this question.

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