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Guest: Dr. George Robinson. Topics: the Biology of Space Law and commercial space management. Dr. George Robinson was our guest for this two hour program centered around his paper, "Quantum Physics and the Biology of Space Law: The Interstitial Glue of Global Support for Space Migration and a Proposed Commercial Management Infrastructure." If after hearing this program you would like a copy of this paper, please email your request to me. In our first segment, Dr. Robinson talks about some of the critical pressure and stress points we are facing in the world today and how these issues fit into space law and why we go to space. As you will hear, our focus is on species survival and that is the ultimate reason for going to space. Space law facilitates making this happen and helps to set the stage for creative thinking, the development of new alliances, and ultimately the needed new type of private commercial consortium to take us all to space. In segment two, Dr. Robinson explained more about the survival issues and said that there were only two possibilities for humans, either the ocean floors or off planet. Don't miss what he says about each option. Lewis and Clark type of exploration came up as well as fun and pleasure seeking reasons for going to space such as space tourism. Dr. Robinson addressed both of these as subsets of species survival. William in Hawaii asked about laws like shipping with flags of convenience, property rights and the right to private ownership, and here the issues of "for the benefit of mankind" came up and entered the discussion. You will certainly want to hear what our guest had to say about these matters. In our third segment, we talked about a reality check with the way things are today as compared to the needed evolution to get to where Dr. Robinson sees us going and reaching our future potential. We talked about the anthropic principle and stressed that the desired outcome was for the private sector, not the public sector though there should be government R&D but at some point it has to get out of the way. Later in this segment, listener Dave Huntsman called the show and took issue with Dr. Robinson for his not supporting the Administration's space policy program. This call produced a very spirited discussion with Dave and George with George being very clear on why he does not see the administration program satisfactorily and in fact later in this conversation, I jumped in with my passionate rant on our economic problems and growing deficits. Dave said he would respond to my question about deficits from an economic perspective but that did not really happen. George used this discussion as an example of why we have to transcend the national and what he calls "stove pipe" perspectives. Don't miss this high energy exchange among the three of us. Later in this same segment, Charles from Mojave called in to advocate his cry for bypassing NASA and going small with Microlaunchers. As this program drew to its conclusion, Dr. Robinson again said we needed to get out of nationalism and move beyond that. I urge you to request his paper by sending me an email and reading what Dr. Robinson proposes. His concluding comments were that we needed to work together to find a unique way to garner all the resources and energy of all of the nations to participate in this during the worst of economic times. If you have a question or comment for Dr. George Robinson, please send it to me at



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21 Feb 2010 Dr. George S. Robinson
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