Broadcast 197 (Special Edition)

21 Feb 2004 Marianne Dyson, Eli Goldberg, Dr. Jordin Kare, Kristoph Klover
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Eli Goldberg, Kristoph Klover, Dr. Jordin Kare and Maryanne Dyson joined The Space Show for this program to discuss "To Touch The Stars," a musical celebration of exploration. Eli and Kristoph discussed space theme folk and other types of music and to us how this incredible album came into being. Kristoph is also the lead singer on several of the cuts for this album and a few of those cuts were played on the program. Dr. Jordin Kare joined us for the second part of the program to talk about "filk" as well as his own music and how he integrates his music into his scientific and astrophysics world. We played part of Jordin's song, "Fire in the Sky" during Jordin's appearance on the program. During the last segment, we were joined by Maryanne Dyson. We talked with Maryanne about her role in helping to create this album, her role as a leading and award winning space children's book author, and space advocacy for children and school programs. During the segment with Ms. Dyson, we played the tracks she uses when speaking to various school groups about space, our place in space, and how all children can be involved in space no matter what, even when they grow up.



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