Broadcast 291 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

21 Dec 2004 John Garvey
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John Garvey, CEO of Garvey Spacecraft Corporation, was the guest for this program. Mr. Garvey provided us with a thorough understanding of Garvey Spacecraft and its vehicle test and flight program, student programs, and its relationship with Long Beach State University. We discussed funding student and intern projects as undertaken by Garvey Spacecraft, how the larger aerospace companies grab students for internships leaving the university programs empty handed which is probably a detriment for the future, even for the aerospace industry given they require college graduates for their employee profiles. With the first hand experience Mr. Garvey brings to Space Show listeners, we discussed the DC-X, vertical liftoff and return RLVs, the new space policy vision and implementation program, NASA, the International Space Station (ISS) and more. Questions were asked of Mr. Garvey about doing useful things with the ISS by moving it to a different orbit and he carefully explained the downside of attempting such a project. We also talked about building a heavy lift launch capability to return to the Moon and go to Mars and focused the questions to the specific goal at hand, that is, what is the actual project needing heavy lift. He compared the economics of heavy lift to on orbit construction and explained the circumstances in which one discipline has an advantage over the other. Mr. Garvey also discussed the history of Garvey Spacecraft and its unique general operating philosophy. We went over in some detail their Nanosat Launch Vehicle, current and future plans, plus we addressed the greatest challenges faced by both the company and John Garvey in operating on the fringe of everything. This is definitely an interesting and informative discussion, affording us views and perspectives that will expand our knowlege about space commerce and its possibilities.



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