Broadcast 251 (Special Edition)

21 Aug 2004 Mr. Jim McDade
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Jim McDade returned to The Space Show to discuss space and politics. He discussed the history of space in our political campaigns, the latest from both presidential candidates, the likelihood of space being a political issue for either candidate, and the role of Congress in the space program. We talked extensively about the private sector, Space Ship One, the X-Prize, NASA, and space access. This also led him into a discussion about the three fatal space accidents and conspiracy theories surrounding them, especially the Apollo fire. Jim also addressed issues regarding the NASA culture, the space vision put forth by President Bush and the Aldridge Committee recommendations. Jim responded to questions about using the money for space for "more important things here on Earth" and spoke extensively about the opportunity cost for such space expenditures. I added my comments on the subject as well. In response to other listener questions and those from me, Jim spoke about the role of space during times of war (as we find ourselves in at this time) the possible impact on space development with the priority going to war and anti-terrorism, health care, and other top priority items and responsibilities for our nation. Jim McDade brings to Space Show listeners both an historical and current political perspective which is important to understand during this election year.



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