Broadcast 1142 (Special Edition)

21 Apr 2009 Marsha Freeman
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Guest: Marsha Freeman: Topics: Krafft Ehricke, Extraterrestrial Imperative, solar system travel, limits to growth, leaving Earth. Our guest, Marsha Freeman, has a new Apogee book out that we discussed in this show, "Krafft Ehricke's Extraterrestrial Imperative." This book is available through and you can buy it through The Space Show/One Giant Leap Foundation site at Prior to reading Marsha's book and talking with her on the show, I was very familiar with the Extraterrestrial Imperative, but I had no idea as to the visionary and forward thinking space work carried out and promoted by Krafft Ehricke. During our discussion, we only touched on some of what Mr. Ehricke promoted though most of the issues he wrote about and the ideas he generated are in Ms. Freeman's book. As you will hear on this show, Ehricke was promoting space tourism in the late 60's, he was talking about solar system travel, not just travel to and from the Moon or in LEO. Ehricke was also an outspoken opponent of the idea of limits to growth and the developing Club of Rome. As you will hear from Marsha, he wrote, debated and spoke out against such ideas as limiting, fearful and just wrong. Krafft looked to space for solutions without limitations and you will hear us discuss this throughout the show. In fact, its a major point of separation from his work and the work of O'Neill who saw the large space colonies that he wanted to develop as necessary for leaving Earth. Ehricke did not articulate a concept of needing to leave Earth. Instead, he wanted to incorporate the solar system travel into the human experience, to make it part of us and our way of life. During our discussion, Marsha Freeman mentioned three fundamental laws of astronautics from 1957 that guided Krafft Ehricke in his work. You definitely want to listen to Marsha discuss these three fundamental laws. Her book focuses not just on Ehricke's Extraterrestrial Imperative, it addresses his full body of work and his important contributions to space development and humanity. No doubt you will come to understand just how important Ehricke and his work are to our efforts to be space-fairing. In my opinion, Ms. Freeman's book is a must read and has earned a permanent place on the reference book shelf. If you have questions or comments for Marsha Freeman, please send them to me at and I will forward them to her.



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