Broadcast 484 (Special Edition)

21 Apr 2006 Rusty Schweickart
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Rusty Schweickart returned to The Space Show to update us on developments with near Earth asteroids and Earth's protection. Rusty outlines the steps being taken to get international decision making in place and to put into motion a gravity tug test project. One of the primary areas of important, an area all listeners can help out with is to contact our elected officials to make sure that some agency or group in the United States has accountability and responsibility NEO problems. Right now, there is no official responsibility for NEO with NASA or any other group in our government and having this responsibility is vital. You will want to hear what Rusty Schweickart says about this, what his foundation, B612 is doing, how they are trying to work with the UN and move this issue to the level of importance it deserves. In response to listener questions, Rusty was asked about the possibility of topping Apollo and you will want to hear how he answered that question. He gave us his ideas about the VSE and today's NASA, the Shuttle, and the ISS. As always, Rusty Schweickart is superb resource for us to learn from and this show is no exception to that statement! For further information, you can contact Rusty at and you can learn more about NEO and Earth protection visiting



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