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Guest:  Rafel Jorda;  Topics:  A discussion of the Open Cosmos small satellite UK company with its founder. Also topics regarding the industry and operating in Europe and outside the U.S.

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We welcomed Rafel Jorda to the show to discuss his new company, Open Cosmos which is based in the UK.  To find out more about the company, for contact and address information and newsletter sign-up, please see  Our discussion with Mr. Jorda covered one segment and 69 minutes.  Once again, I am using the key words to summarize this discussion as this method seems most appropriate for today's program.

Tags/Key Words:  Open Cosmos, small satellites, New Space, nanosatellites, customer oriented satellite missions, innovation, space debris, deorbit, geospatial data, telecommunications services, space sector value chain, Open Cosmos team, satellite affordability, satellites as a business tool, launch providers, satellite infrastructure development, 5G, UK space industry, access barriers to entry, Open Cosmos financing, global market and customers, IoT, global market connectivity, applicable industrial sectors, Open Cosmos clients, competition, LEO orbits, UK and EU regulatory concerns, getting a UK work visa, Covid-19 and Open Cosmos, Open Cosmos UK government opportunities, government versus private sector markets, cyber threats, smartphones vs. ground stations, Open Cosmos five year plan, Open Cosmos reliability and testing, Open Cosmos making the customer sale, company newsletter, AI, imaging, partnerships, student internships, website for career information.

In addition to addressing the topics in the tags and key words above, we spent time talking about market growth in his respective sector of the overall satellite industry.  I was also interested in talking with our guest about competition, how he sells services to clients, both those that know they want or need satellites services and those unaware of anything to do with the satellite industry or their potential benefits.  I believe you will find this discussion interesting so when it comes up about midway through the program, don't miss a word of it. 

Other areas of interest that got my attention dealt with the fact that Open Cosmos designs and manufactures the satellites, customizing them to customer missions.  I asked Rafel about quality control, manufacturing design, testing and operating the satellites. They do it all.  Listen to what he said about testing and reliability.  Around the same time in our discussion, our guest was asked about the UK and European regulatory environment for a satellite business such as his with global customers.  You might be surprised by what he said about the regulatory world in the UK.  This tied in with our brief discussion about how hard it was for non-Europeans to work in the UK with a legal working visa.  Again, you might be surprised by his answer. 

Other standouts included the response to the question asking for the five year plan for Open Cosmos, their plans for 5G and the IoT plus other technological advancements finding their way to smallsats.  Later in the broadcast, we talked about Open Cosmos clients, including government and private sector clients.  Our guest clarified what they were doing with each sector and type of customer.  One of the emails asked our guest about the state of the industry in terms of reaching saturation or maturity.  Our guest had much to say about existing and future opportunities and future growth potential. 

Before the program ended, our guest was asked more specifically about selling to different kinds of customers.  I used his answer in response to part of the Sunday discussion on Nov. 22. He also talked about AI, imaging tools, the company marketing department and more.  Finally, Rafel was asked about student internships.  He suggested people check out the career page on their website.

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Open Cosmos, low cost and small satellites plus more

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20 Nov 2020 Rafel Jorda
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