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Welcome to our two segment 101 minute Open Lines discussion.  We fielded many callers on a variety of topics and issues.  Tom was our first caller who talked about the NASA Industry Day Commercial Lunar Payload Service Acquisition Program (CLPS) designed to help entrepreneurial company's launch payloads to the Moon.  Tom explained the program but you can learn more about it by visiting; and  I asked about any private sector company's ready to go to the Moon and work with NASA.  I guess this is a future NASA program.  Let's hope it happens sooner, not later. 

Mark from Petaluma called to talk about recent programming with a focus on his support for the Dennis Wingo show on Tuesday, May 15.  Mark's focus was on the need for education.  We talked about education and outcomes during the Apollo period, the need for college degrees, a larger skilled labor force and related topics.  Mark also commented on the program with the new AIAA Executive Director, Dan Dumbacher and Marc Gibson program.

Space Attorney Michael Listner called regarding many issues and will soon be returning as a guest to the show.  Among the topics Michael mentioned was the current news that Senators Cruz and Nelson said there would be no ISS privatization.  This is now big news all over the place.  Here is one article about it:  Toward the end of Michael's call, he talked about litigation within the space industry, especially the emerging commercial industry. We talked about the litigation showing that the industry was evolving as a normal industry.  Don't miss his comments on this subject.

Dr. Doug was the next caller.  He mentioned being at the Explore Mars Humans2Mars Conference and then talked about the NASA Exploration Campaign which he largely disagreed with as you will hear.  Check it out at  Doug went through the four goals one by one and explained why he disagreed with it. Toward the end, we talked about the role of congress in determining and funding NASA missions, the White House and the NSC.  Let us know what you think by posting your comments about this on our blog for this show.  In addition, Doug talked about the Lunar Prospector cancellation plus the LOP-G.  He suggested that when he talked to congressional staffers, there was not solid support for these NASA type programs but then they become policy.  Doug and I talked about that for a few minutes.  One final note for the first segment deal with the blog comment posted by BJohn regarding flags and footprint mission, SLS, Orion and more.  You can read his comment on the blog for this show.

We started the second segment with a call from John in Redding suggesting that rather than privatizing the ISS we see if we can sell it to China.  Doug via email and I responded to John 's comment with brief reasons why that was not going to happen.  Jon suggested a guest for the show, Dr. Michael Guillen.  I said I would contact him and offer him an invitation.  If any of you know this person and can help with an invitation, let me know.  His website is

Our next caller was John from Ft. Worth.  Surprise, not even a mention of SLS or a UFO!!!!  John wanted to talk about his idea that cancellation the shuttle years ago was an error.  He said it was an overreaction to the horrible and tragic Columbia accident.  Doug sent John the following email:  "Did you say that, by the time that the Commercial Crew companies start delivering crew to the ISS that the ISS would be shutting down?  SpaceX and Boeing are looking at delivering crew in 2018 or 2019 and the ISS will suit down in 2025.  So, how do you figure that these dates are close to each other?"  Don't miss what John said in response to Doug's email but for the most part, John thought that just having a few years of commercial use was unsatisfactory  He considered the suggested time frame to be very short and of little commercial value. Don't miss this entire discussion.

John from Redding was our last caller. This time he wanted to know about the possibilities of parking the ISS in a graveyard orbit to keep it for the future and to not let it return to Earth and be destroyed.  That does not seem to be the plan though were it possible, I believe it might be a good short term approach to see if somehow the ISS could have an extended life.  Let us know what you think about this idea by posting on our blog.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  If you want to reach any of the callers or those sending us emails for today's program, you can do so through me.




Open Lines. The topics you want to talk about. First time callers welcome.

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20 May 2018 Dr. David Livingston
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