Broadcast 947 (Special Edition)

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Guest: Dennis Wingo was the guest for this Space Show program. We started out discussing energy which, as Dennis stated, is a very complex problem. This led to our discussion of the Moon as a microcosm of the Earth's macrocosm environment. Dennis also described the process for lunar construction for solar power hardware and then getting it to Geo from the Moon. As you will hear, listeners asked him if it would be humans on the Moon doing the hardware construction or robotics. You will want to hear what Dennis has to say about this. We talked some about political policy and Dennis explained why, in his opinion, he did not think it mattered that much for space as to who became president. He further stated that he believes going to the Moon will happen by the private sector on its own, far faster than any program with NASA. He also mentioned that he thought the Shuttle would be extended to fly to 2013. Listen to the show to find out why. Later in the show, Dennis was asked for a plan for the private sector to go to the Moon and he described a possible venture to interest wealthy tech and risk investors from Silicon Valley. A listener asked him to describe his start-up company and its initial funding, so don't miss this part of the show. If you have questions or comments for Dennis Wingo, please address them to me at and I will forward them to him.



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20 May 2008 Dennis Wingo
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