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Guest:  Dan Oltrogge;  Topics: Center for Space Standards and Innovation, space debris, COVID-19, industry best practices, space safety, space data, traffic management and much more.

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We welcomed Dan Oltrogge, Director of the AGI Center for Space Standards and Innovation, to our one segment 71 minute wide ranging space standards, innovation, best practices, NewSpace-commercial space program.  I also suggest you read the Aviation Week article, "Opinion: It's Time For Comprehensive Space Traffic Management" from Feb. 25, 2020.  Our guest wrote this article which should be considered an important addition to today's program.  You can find the article at

Dan started the discussion with an introduction to the Center for Space Standards and Innovation, organization with roots going back to 2001.  As we learned about the Center and space standards and innovation, we addressed many additional topics, one of which was the NewSpace segment of the space economy.  Part of this discussion focused on space safety with an introduction to the Space Safety Coalition.  Dan included information on best practices applicable to NewSpace, the Coalition and the Center.  He pointed us to the site,, where one could readily review the "Best Practices for the Sustainability of Space Operations."  Our guest mentioned many of the 42 Best Practices listed.

Space safety was a frequent topic of discussion.  Our guest said it was set at the top of even the international space community.  We had quite a discussion on space safety so don't miss it.  One listener, Ben from Atlanta, inquired about public support for the programs being discussed by Dan. 

Later in the segment, Dan was asked about their work being applicable to human spaceflight and the Moon.   In this context, the lunar gateway was mentioned, ISO standards were brought up, and listener Ralph asked about lunar best practices.  Our guest talked about the UN, four space treaties, and the fact that the Outer Space Treaty today only has 63% of the nations of the world signing onto it.  Listen to how he explained that percentage. I asked if the Moon Treaty was one of the treaties his group focused on.  The answer was no.  The organization. The Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS), plus JPL, came into the discussion, along with the Deep Space Network. Listen to the context of the mention of these items to the overall subject which included a look at Artemis, the Gateway and returning to the Moon.  . 

RF Interference came up along with the needs regarding Space Traffic Management and Situational Awareness.  Part of this conversation focused on LEO and GEO satellites and small and large satellite constellations.  Dan shared important information with us on these topics so don't miss what he had to say.  He also talked about Starlink, SpaceX, and Mr. Musk.  Dan then took a question about partisanship regarding policy here in the US.  He talked about the many different government agencies having something to do with space each having their own space policy preferences and demands.  He rattled off many of the agencies for us to have a better understanding of what he was talking about.  Let us know what you think about this fact.  Do post on our blog. 

NewSpace entities were mentioned as a possible weak link in the industry.  Listen to the explanation for this.  At this point, Dan talked about the need for more space education regarding the need for standards.  Other topics mentioned as we were nearing the end of the show dealt with the 3 KM rule for safe satellite distancing regarding debris and traffic management.  New sensor development was brought into our discussion of collision avoidance.  Dan referenced facts with the large and small constellations now being launched to orbit.  One potential problem definitely being addressed was the light pollution with the LEO constellation satellites. 

Before our program ended, Beth asked Dan what he thought the virus impact would be on the space industry.  Dan said there would be an impact but for now he was not sure of what that impact would involve. He did say space meetings might go virtual, especially if they could perfect making virtual meetings as desirable as the traditional in person space meeting.  Before ending, he talked about Open Source.  Don't miss what he had to say on this subject.

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our guest is the director of the Center for Space Standards and Innovation

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20 Mar 2020 Dan Oltrogge
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