Broadcast 511 (Special Edition)

20 Jun 2006 Dr. Howard McCurdy
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Professor Howard McCurdy was the guest for this Space Show program. We began the discussion with a critical view of the Vision for Space Exploration from the public policy perspective. This discussion paved the way for an examination of the relationship with the Vision, the Shuttle, ISS, science program funding within NASA, NASA management, and much more. We talked about the survivability of the Vision program based on the coming mid-term elections and the 2008 presidential elections. As a result of a listener question regarding a future Hilary Clinton as president, Dr. McCurdy pointed to the history of presidents and our space program to suggest that it would be unlikely for anyone in the high office to actually kill the program. He also talked about his classic work on the myth of presidential power regarding space policy. Dr. McCurdy responded to many questions about the waste and lack of a clear mission within NASA. He also spoke to the concerns of listeners regarding the private sector taking on more and more of the funding and work to take us to the Moon and beyond. This is an important program you will not want to miss. You can send your comments and questions to Dr. McCurdy through me at and I will make sure he gets them. He has offered to respond to all questions from listeners.



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