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We welcomed back Dr. Paul Sutter to discuss interesting space science subjects.  During the first segment of our 1 hour 37 minute program, I asked our guest for his thoughts on the Electric Universe theory. Don't miss what Dr. Sutter had to say about this as well as backing up ideas with evidence and fact.  Its an interesting discussion that has application beyond just the Electric Universe theory

Our discussion then focused on the reality of time travel, both going into the past and going forward in time.  Most of our remaining program discussion addressed aspects of time travel.  To start with, Paul referenced Einstein and both Special Relativity and General Relativity.  As you will hear, it is highly unlikely that we can go backwards in time.  Don't miss his explanation for this.  Much was then said about going forward in time.

Dr. Sutter mentioned that there were solutions for going forward in time but as you will hear, none of them are practical as they involve speeds approaching the speed of light.  Don't miss his explanation for this plus his examples.  In addition, he explains the role of relativity in determining time travel possibilities.  At one point later in the discussion, Dr. Sutter suggested that the speed problem was an engineering problem.  He mentioned this a few times during the program so listen for it and let us know your thoughts on this by posting them on our blog.  Before the break, we also talked about the possibility of  new physics being discovered and the use or practicality of worm holes.

In the second segment, we continued our discussion with our guest providing us with a reality check on our speed capabilities.  He cited orbital speed and translated that in terms of the years it would take to get to Alpha Centauri.  He did the same for the Voyager spacecraft to just exit our solar system.  He seemed to suggest that we needed to approach at least half the speed of light to even have a reasonable time line for going forward in time.  Don't miss this discussion. 

Another topic up for discussion was breakthrough propulsion including EmDrive and the Alcubierre warp drive.  While Paul did opine on the Alcubierre drive, we spent more time discussing the possibilities with EmDrive and what it might mean to say it needed new physics to explain it.  Again, do not miss this discussion.  I asked him about the two plans to put an EmDrive in space to test it for momentum.  He said such tests would be a good step forward and would provide important additional data.  He also referenced as an example the Pioneer Anomaly as part of his discussion.

Before we ended the show, I asked Paul to explain EmDrive on the context of Conservation of Momentum.  Our guest had much to say about this law of physics and he explained its relevance to EmDrive.  It was an excellent discussion and explanation so don't miss it.  Other listeners wanted to know about Star Trek transporter like technology for time travel rather than propulsion. 

Before the program ended, we talked about a Mars colony along with social and political challenges.  He said that had never been a social or political system off Earth and thinks this will pose great challenges for us as we move to living off Earth.  We took a final listener question from Larry in Kansas who asked if brain energy could be considered a force using the old Uri Geller spoon bending experiments/tricks as an example.  You do not want to miss what Paul said in response to this question.

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19 Sep 2016 Dr. Paul Sutter
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