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Guests:  Joan Horvath, Rich Cameron:  Topics:  Their new book "Make: Geometry: Learn by coding, 3D printing and Exploring," plus we talked about STEM, geometry, rocket designing and building, open source software, geometry and the blind, models and much more.

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We welcomed back Joan Horvath and Rich Cameron to discuss their new book,  "Make: Geometry: Learn by coding, 3D printing and Exploring," the subject of teaching geometry to the blind and others, rocket designing, open source software for geometry and design plus the importance of teaching and learning stem.  Both Joan and Rich also teach online classes so note that caller Ft. Worth John who called late in the program and I agreed on air to do their online geometry course the late afternoon of Nov. 4th.  Both John and I will report back on the class and the success of me "getting it" with their geometry instruction.  Be sure to visit the website of our guests,, for more information about their nine books, online classes, and their educational and 3D printing consulting work for students and others. 

Joan started the discussion talking about geometry but also working with the blind in teaching geometry.  This was very interesting, a topic we don't normally discuss on The Space Show and I appreciated it.  This discussion led to questions for our two guests on geometric models used in the book and with the blind plus some coding and many open source questions.  We received multiple listener emails, many of them concerning the listener's own experience in school studying geometry, doing proofs, spending time on both plain and solid geometry plus teacher styles.  Later in the discussion, our guests were asked about 3D printers at home for kids to use with their school work.  From time to time, listeners sent in questions asking our guests about geometry and rocket design along with other space applications for the subject.  Joan and Rich even fielded a question about the Egyptian pyramids and geometry.  Don't miss the responses to all of these questions by our guests as they connected the dots from learning geometry to doing work in space and rocketry.

Later in the program, Jack from Denver sent a note asking what the Geometry Museum was about as mentioned in the PR about the book.  Calculus was a substantial topic in the show as were several questions asking the authors how the book could be used as a supplement for their kids learning geometry in school.  Many questions were asked about the OpenScad software discussed in the book and mentioned multiple times during our discussion. I even went to the website and asked my own series of questions about the open source program.  Many of the questions led Rich to talk about the Tinkercad program for kids.  If applicable to your family, don't miss these discussions.

Ft. Worth John called late in the show to share some of his own experiences with parts of math and geometry.  Our discussion led us to the classes offered by our guests through their consulting company,  As mentioned earlier, John and I agreed to sign up for the geometry class on Nov. 4 and report back on a later show about the class.  You can sign up and join us at  The registration fee is $25.00.  Ft. Worth John and I hope you join both of us in the class on November 4. 

Please post your questions/comments for Joan and Rich on our blog for this show.  You can reach them both through their website or me.




Math, geometry and space

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19 Oct 2021 Joan Horvath, Rich Cameron
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