Broadcast 4032 Dr. Anna Krylov

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Guest:  Dr. Anna Krylov; Topics:  Dr. Krylov's push back with the use of ideology instead of merit in teaching and grading science, the scientific method and more. Our guest explained the why of the adverse impacts of the DEI ideology citing specific individual and educational examples.

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We welcomed back to the show Dr. Anna Krylov from the chemistry department at USC in Los Angeles.  Note that Dr. Krylov received her academic training from Moscow State University, Hebrew University in Jerusalem and UC Berkeley plus visiting positions in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.  She has been and is now speaking and pushing back at the effort to have science, the scientific method, peer review and more based on ideology with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) as both the guide and the requirement over merit. Many of Dr. Krylov's reviewed publications and articles on the subject are posted on her Space Show bio located at  One more quick comment, I do apologize for the low-quality audio on this program.  We tried three different phone lines to improve the audio and selected the best of the three.  Still, what our guest had to say was in my opinion so important it warranted the discussion even with audio that was not as good as I would have liked for this program.  In addition to Anna's bibliography attached to her bio with links, listeners have posted blog comments with additional resources you might want to check out. Please don't forget that The Space Show airs all sides to all arguments and discussions.  That means I will give airtime to someone who wants to support DEI for science, engineering and education, ideology over merit and the like. The only thing I ask is that the person doing this on The Space Show be tolerant and willing to listen to other listeners who might call in or send an email with a different perspective, and no name calling, or race bating be used as we do not do that on The Space Show. Absolutely no character assassination.  We listen to and respect one another and we can disagree with civility. If you want to counter what Dr. Krylov and the others said on this show, send a note to, briefly tell me about yourself and your qualification to be the guest to do this and I will schedule the program if I agree you are the one to do it and you agree to our civility terms.

For this program, use the tags to follow the main topics of the discussion. I've repeated them here:  Tags: Dr. Anna Krylov, USC Chemistry professor, Diversity-Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in universities and departments, science by ideology not merit, global problem, philosophy response, science response, engineering response, gaslighting a population, The End of Enlightenment Conference, lack of rational thought, professional societies, peer review, student response, organizational support to oppose DEI, Covid example, DEI and Rutgers, anti DEI organizations, primary school and DEI, China and DEI, the role of the CCP, Russia and DEI, specific examples with names of impacted scientists, Wall Street Journal Texas Tech example, DEI impact on English departments, DEI impact on chemistry and physics, push back happening.

Along with noting the tags and our different subtopics, we had lots of inquiring emails from listeners plus emails that added to the facts and details being discussed by our guest. In particular, Dr. Benaroya both called in and emailed with reports on engineering in general and at Rutgers, his university.  Plus he shared with us what he knew about the expansion of DEI in academia. We talked with Haym about his Rutgers engineering students and related topics plus after his call, he continued to email us with questions and more information.

Our friend and my personal friend in Israel, Amir, emailed  about the possibility of starting an organization to combat DEI.  Much was said during the program by our guest along with Haym on his call and others about several of the organizations pushing back on DEI. FIRE was mentioned as were multiple professional organizations.  As you hear Anna go through the list, note that she suggested a few professional organizations might be too extreme to reverse direction so in that case a new professional organization might be started.  She mentioned examples where this has already happened.  Anna also gave us specific individual examples of famous scientists who have been severely injured by DEI attacks. She named them on the show. One was Dr. Lawrence Krause in the physics world who has been a two-time Space Show guest. Dr. Krause has a new physics book out and will soon be back on The Space Show for his third visit.

Another important part of the discussion with Anna was what was happening in the grade schools with DEI.  She said the parents of school aged kids needed to be aware and when necessary taking action so that their kids do not get brainwashed by a propaganda-based DEI ideological education.   During our broader discussion with our guest and realizing that some people might be listening that disagreed with the guest and the direction of this interview, I decided to ask Anna a few questions about how DEI might be impacting the space academic disciplines. I believe Haym might have still been on the line for at least one of the questions.  I simply wanted to know how one builds a rocket to Mars or Titan or any place in the solar system based on DEI? Despite some mild laughs, there was no answer and so far, no listener, either during the broadcast or through the archives has attempted to respond to that question.  Perhaps an archive listener will provide a serious answer to that question.  By the way, with a show of hands, who wants to ride on a DEI engineered and made rocket? Dr. Krylov had additional short discussion topics on this show so pay attention to all 73 minutes of our program  Pay specific attention to what our guest said when I asked her the questions about DEI impacting the space arena that we all care so much about.

Please post your comments/questions for Dr. Krylov on our blog for this show.  You can reach her through me or her USC faculty page in the chemistry department.




USC Professor on the scientific method, science today and related items

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19 May 2023 Dr. Anna Krylov
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