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Guest:  Emily Carney; Topics:  The Space Hipsters Group on Facebook, Space Hipsters behind the scenes, the Hipsters and space policy plus Emily starting up Space Hipsters.

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We welcomed Emily Carney to the program for a one segment 73 minute discussion on the founding of the Space Hipsters Facebook group and additional related topics.  I started the discussion by asking Emily about her having enlisted in the Navy and going into their nuclear program school later to be stationed on the nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the USS George Washington (CVN 73).  Emily talked freely about her enlisting and how she got to the nuclear program.  Note that this subject came up later in the program when Emily was talking about space educational outreach to young girls and women for the space fields citing Judy Resnik as an example.  I then pointed out that Emily herself was an example by being a trailblazer in the early days of women in the military, especially going to nuclear power school and being on a combat ship, a nuclear powered aircraft carrier.  Don't miss these important discussion as they help lay the groundwork for what eventually would become the Facebook group Space Hipsters.

Emily explained the origins of Space Hipsters, why and how she created it, and how her husband came up with the name "Space Hipsters" which stuck and became the permanent name of the group.  In the process of talking with her about Space Hipsters, Emily explained how she got her interest in space in the first place dating back to seeing a Columba Space Shuttle launch in 1981. She told us about her blog which is now part of the National Space Society, "This Space Available."  You can see her blog here:  In this discussion, she mentioned The Space Hipsters Pin and when asked by a listener how to get the pin, she focused our attention on The Space Hipsters store at

Emily was asked about the focus for Space Hipsters.  She replied that her vision focused on history and the accurate presentation of space history.  She mentioned correcting myths about space.  She talked about having advocated for charities and also for getting more girls to space and in the space related educational fields.  Emily then mentioned her high regard for the late astronaut Judy Resnik as I briefly mentioned earlier in this summary.  Don't miss all of what she had to say about Ms. Resnik.  This was also when I mentioned her own leadership activities via her nuclear service in the Navy. 

Marshall called to discuss several topics including Judy Resnik as a role model, the nuclear school and the 1980 Von Braun comments suggesting the first child would be born in space before 2000.  He asked Emily if there was a discussion among Space Hipsters regarding having children in space. Don't miss what Emily said in response to this question by Marshall.


Listener Tim asked Emily for a definition of the word "hipster."  Don't miss how Emily answered Tim's question and what she had to say about a hipster.  Based on her comments, I asked her if she knew the demographics of the Space Hipster group on Facebook.  She did and you might be surprised by what she had to say.  I know I was surprised by her answer.  This was followed by listener Helen asking if Space Hipsters did any space policy lobbying or advocacy work, especially for returning to the Moon.  Emily said they did not do any political postings and she explained why.  At this point we talked some about her blog association with NSS, if she would be attending this year's ISDC, and would there be a Space Hipsters group at the event.  She said no to ISDC.  Before moving to another topic, Emily said there were groups within Space Hipsters that wanted to go to the Moon, others wanted to go Mars  and there were those not that interested in human spaceflight.  

Additional questions and topics included why just on Facebook for Space Hipsters, what Emily thought about returning to the Moon by 2024, and more about helping kids, especially young girls, like and appreciate space and focus on what it would take to have a space career which was within their reach. 

Emily mentioned Space Hipster events and talked about having gone on a ULA tour of their rocket facility.  She also talked about NASA sites, SpaceX in Hawthorne, and Ohio.  As we were nearing the end of the program, listener Howard asked her if there was anything she would do differently today were she starting up Space Hipsters now as compared to what she did back at the beginning.  Emily had much to say and offer in response to this question so don't miss her reply which had much to do about leadership, her leadership skills and her current leadership perspectives as compared to the when Space Hipsters was forming.  As we moved to concluding comments, Emily once again mentioned her blog and her work on the Skylab film which we focused on in an earlier Space Show program with Dwight Steven Boniecki (see  Our guest also mentioned her upcoming article in QUEST for the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary. 

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  You can reach Emily through her Space Hipsters Facebook group site or Twitter or a simple Google search for her name.  You can also contact her through me.




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19 May 2019 Emily Carney
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