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Guest;  Andrew Chanin;  Topics:  ProcureAM, Space ETF investment strategy, exchange traded funds, commercial space global opportunities, challenges and more.

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We welcomed back Andrew Chanin, CEO of ProcureAM, to the show for a two segment 91 minute discussion about the Procure Space ETF (exchange-traded fund with the symbol UFO).  For more information about Space ETF, visit their website at  For additional information, be sure to checkout the Factsheet by clicking Factsheets on the left under the title Quick Links. In addition, Space Show listener and Advisory Board member John Jossy, listened to the program and posted about it on his own Space Settlement blog.  Check out the additional blog post by Mr. Jossy at

We started the first half of the program by asking Andrew for an introduction to ProcureAM and exchange-traded funds.  As Andrew was explaining ProcureAM and helping us to understand Space ETF, plus defining terms for us like pure-play, we took the first email from Todd asking about the difference between a mutual fund and an ETF.  Andrew spent time explaining this to us so be sure to listen.  Almost immediately, Bill followed asking about the index being used, the S-Network Space Index and Certified Space Data Product,  In explaining this to us, Andrew also talked about delisting companies no longer meeting their standards such as Intelsat.  Andrew not only provided us with the standards for listing but the rule which forced a company to be delisted. 

Space tourism in the index came up as did the inclusion of Virgin Galactic.  SpaceX for example was not included in the list as it is not a public company.  I then asked Andrew for his assessment of the impact on the global space community due to Covid-19.  Don't miss how he answered this question which then led us to talking about the new Space Force and the SpaceX successful Demo-2 flight. Other topics covered in the remaining part of the first segment including the Trump Executive Order of April 6 of this year regarding the Moon, resource mining and more.  I asked Andrew how the fund weighted opposition to policy such as the Executive Order, the Artemis Accords and more.  Once again, don't miss what he said about opposition and its relevance in the fund management process.

Before the break, Fremont John called to discuss the UFO (ProcureAM) Fact Sheet. Don't forget you can easily access the Fact Sheet per the above instructions.  John had many questions for Andrew based on the Fact Sheet but one that stood out in reference to a category listed by UFO, "space colonization and infrastructure."  For the remainder of the segment we talked about infrastructure, settlement and related topics.

The second segment started with Andrew assessing the global impact of the successful SpaceX Demo-2 flight.  This was an important, comprehensive, and vibrant part of our discussion.  Take note. How about posting comments about it on our blog for this show?  Next, Jim in Tucson inquired about an election impact depending on the winner.  He expressed skeptical concerns as did I earlier in the show. Jim referenced a new House bill, HR 5666, which he said might give a clue to space in a new administration.  I found out about the bill in an op-ed in Space News by Rod Pyle and Dr. Greg Autry.  You can read the op-ed here:

As we were approaching the conclusion of our program with Andrew, he was asked about the Space Force and if he thought it was here to stay.  You do not want to miss Andrew's Space Force analysis.  One of our near last questions came from Sherry in Seattle wanting to know if Andrew thought we were in a space race with China.  The answer was yes but there was much more to his commentary than just a simple yes answer.  Check it out!  Yet one more email came in near the end, this one from Dana in Boston.  This listener wanted to know if 5G technology was considered space by the Space ETF.  The simple answer was yes but Andrew spent time discussing the importance of 5G, the IoT, satellite and broadband and why all of this required key space infrastructure, policy, regulatory requirements' and more.  Before ending, I asked Andrew his personal thoughts on the general population of New York and their space IQ.  This was a terrific final discussion topic for our show.  While I doubt you will be surprised by what Andrew said, think about it and how best to improve the situation. 


Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show. Andrew can be reached through the UFO website above or through me.




Andrew Chanin of ProcureAM returns with news and updates

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19 Jun 2020 Andrew Chanin
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