Broadcast 1396 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

19 Jul 2010 Rand Simberg, Bill Simon
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Guests: Rand Simberg, Bill Simon. Topics: Evoloterra, 41st Anniversary of the Moon landing. We welcomed back Rand Simberg and Bill Simon, authors of Evoloterra to celebrate and talk about leaving Earth for the first time with humans setting foot on another world. Please view and download the ceremony at which was modeled after the Passover Seder. As we started our first segment, our guests said that Evoloterra was about remembering the watershed event when humans first left Earth. At this point, Rand and Bill took us through much of the ceremony, answered questions about it, read relevant parts of it and talked about other doing the ceremony with family and friends. Later in this segment, I asked our guests about our past history as reflected by Evoloterra and the current space policy debate underway in the U.S. We spent considerable time discussing this and some of the information coming out from both the House and Senate NASA Appropriations Bills for FY 2011. You will certainly want to hear what Rand and Bill had to say, not just about our having gone to the Moon but today's space policy directions. We started the second segment by reading the Foreword which is the epilogue by Arthur C. Clark from his "First on the Moon." Also during this segment, both Bill and Rand talked about some of the challenges in getting Evoloterra out there as a ceremony that lots of people do around July 20th each year. Bill said there were energy barriers so listen to his explanation. Both our guests asked for feedback and suggestions throughout the program so don't be shy about offering your comments. Later in the segment, the poem in Evoloterra was read, and the three of us read the Apollo 11 landing dialog on air. Several listeners asked if Evoloterra was focused on the United States or if it had a global perspective. Evoloterra does have a global perspective and at the end there is a new addition identified as the List of Characters. This global list shows all those from recorded history over time that contributed something to enabling humans to leave Earth. That said, our two guests stressed that going to the Moon and leaving Earth for another world was a product of western civilization. They had much to say about this as the path to the Moon went through western civilization.' Toward the end of the program, Bill and Rand were asked about Evoloterra evolving once a lunar settlement was established regardless of who establishes it. Both guests thought such a settlement would be created but not by NASA, more likely by the private sector. That said, Evoloterra is fixed to remember and celebrate the single event so it would not evolve. However, other ceremonies might be written or there might be a Part 2 of the program. Please send your feedback, comments, and suggestions to me at and I will forward them to Rand and Bill.



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