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Guest:  Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston;  Multiple caller driven topics that we discussed with listener email commentary.

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Welcome to our two segment two hour fifteen minute Open Lines program.  Note that sponsor messages were read during the break between the first and second segments.  I started the Open Lines discussion with offering congratulations to SpaceX for a very successful Crew Dragon Abort Test.  This subject came up with several of our callers as they too want to talk about it. 

Kim of Moonwards was our first caller.  Kim wanted to talk about the SpaceX test, seeing the video, separation at Max Q and more.  We each discussed what we saw and I commented on having wanted to see a different view of the capsule descending rather than the parachutes.  We both commented on the Falcon 9 explosion.  In addition, Kim mentioned a Parabolic Arc article about mining O2 with an ESA experiment re moondust.  Here is the article:  Don't miss what Kim had to say about this article and the experiment.  Note that I have invited the lead researcher from the University of Glasgow to be a guest on The Space Show. Kim later in the program emailed Dr. Doug to say that the F 9 had flown four times.

An email arrived from listener Terry in Baltimore noting the lunar surface design in the article and wanting to know if Kim's Moonwards designs were similar.  Kim had much to say about lunar designs and the plan for Moonwards surface design structure.  We talked about lunar surface solar panels and panels that would actually track the movement of the sun.  Next, Kim mentioned a NIAC award for funding fungus research.  Kim had some questions about NIAC funding fringe and possibly non-space related research given the fungus project.  This conversation mentioned the NIAC awards for the Woodward work on Mach Thrusters.  Don't miss what we said regarding NIAC project funding.  Finally, I asked Kim when Moonwards would surface from stealth mode.  Progress is being made on the new Moonwards work so we anxiously await the new Moonward debut.

We started the second segment after a short break and my reading our sponsor messages.  Michael Listner was our fist caller. He talked about AI, the Rand Corporation and procurement plus the SpaceX litigation against the US and GAO reports.  We spent time discussing the GAO, the confusing situation Michael brought to our attention and the problems caused by confusion. Michael talked about other launchers wanting to get into the game expanding from two to three or more rockets to be used by the AF and the government.  Michael mentioned the upcoming announcement, maybe this week, on the details for the return to the Moon budget including the Artemis project.  We talked about budget possibilities, partisanship and the need to just wait and see regarding the return to the Moon budget and what Congress will do with it. 

Listener Judy emailed us a most interesting question which you need to hear for yourself.  I went ahead and attempted a reply to her question but asked for others to answer her as well.  As you will read later in this summary, others did respond to her question.  Before that happened though, Marshall called us.  I asked Marshall about visiting the Oklahoma and Tulsa space museums.  I suggested he do so, take notes and come on the show and report on these museum facilities for us.  As listeners know, I am partial to Oklahoma as I'm from Tulsa.  Marshall then told us his reply to the "mysterious" question, then I asked him if he thought NewSpace might be in a bubble.  Before Marshall finished his call, I asked him some questions about farm equipment and tractors given a news story on tractors that I had recently heard.  We had quite the discussion about tractors and farm equipment, including foreign tractors, farmer preferences for old tractors rather than new models, fuel issues, parts and maintenance, repairs, and farmer preferences.  I thought it was an interesting conversation.  Post on the blog and tell us what you thought about our tractor commentary.

Dr. Doug called to asked about Boeing with the CST 100 and their equivalent crew abort test to the SpaceX test we just saw.  I was unable to specifically answer or respond but we did get a link from Freemont John to a story explaining the difference with CST100 and Dragon in terms of a crew abort test.  Here is the article:  Kim's email regarding the fourth flight of the F9 used for this test arrived during this call.

Freemont John called with a response to our "mysterious" question plus he talked about a review of book on consciousness in the universe.  Don 't miss what he said about the topic and the author of the new book.  I am considering inviting the author who is in the UK to be a guest on TSS on this topic.  Let me know what you think of the idea with a blog post.

Our final call was from Ft. Worth John.  He had a suggestion for a guest, Physics Girl.  After the show, I found her contact information and sent her an invitation through her contact page.  If anyone knows her actual email address, please send it to me as that may be more effective than using the website contact page.  I then asked John why he thought that Tic Tac info was not going to be released any more due to national security reasons.  This prompted a somewhat lengthy discussion with John on Tic Tac and national security.  Kim even sent in a suggestion comment which I read on air.  I also offered some ideas about given that so far the strange aviation moving craft have only been visible to military targets.  I wondered aloud why we don't hear from the Air Force or why these objects don't show up at a busy civilian airport on the coast like JFK or LAX.   John wants me to have one of the Tic Tac guys on the show and I said it would be pointless due to his being a pro with misinformation and misleading people.  John felt sure he could ask questions that would penetrate such skills attributed to the potential guest.  Finally I told John to invite the guy to the show and if he comes on, John has to co-host with me to ask "the right" questions.  We will see, we will see.

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Open Lines. All calls welcome. Talk with other callers too. Join us.

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19 Jan 2020 Dr. David Livingston
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