Broadcast 2832 Frank White

19 Dec 2016 Frank White
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We welcomed Frank White back to the program to discuss the Overview Effect for Mars.  During the first segment of our 89 minute discussion, Frank talked about the Overview Effect which helps give a changes and a different understanding of our place in the universe.  He talked about different perspectives including LEO astronaut insight, perspectives from the Moon enabling us to see Earth from and in space, and then from Mars, seeing Earth from the Martian surface.  Frank also talked about the Copernican Perspective which he referred to several times during this program. 

Frank referenced the Pale Blue Dot concept by Sagan which was about seeing Earth from Saturn via Voyager.  Hear Carl talk about it:  Frank also referenced Earth out of View by Dr. Nick Kanas who will soon be a guest on The Space show.  Other topics in this segment included Mars self-sufficiency, disassociation from Earth on longer space missions, and planetary protection which may prevent or seriously delay humans from going to Mars.  Elon Musk and his practical approach was another topic brought up by our guest. 

In the second segment, we talked about defining a Mars Overview Effect though for today, it is still uncertain as to what it might be.  That said, we discussed Mars from various perspectives but all from the perspective of those on Mars.  We imagined how they would see other solar system planets, space in general, Earth, moons that might be attractive for human exploration.  A key theme in this segment was how we might adopt to an expanded world view, both here on Earth and for those that get to Mars some day in the future.  

Bob asked an email question wondering if the Overview Effect was compatible with religion.  Frank had much to say in his response to this question so don't miss it.  I also brought up the Space & Our Spiritual Connection series from earlier Space Show programs since it seemed to fit this part of our discussion.  We fielded many email questions during both segments of this program covering many different types of issues relating to the Overview Effect.  Let us know what you think by posting your thoughts on TSS blog.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog which is part of this archived program on our website. You can reach Frank White through me,  To see the post on the Mars Overview Effect on the Leonard David blog that I mentioned during this show, check out  




The Mars Overview Effect!

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